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From consoles to computers and smartphones, games are more accessible and diverse than ever before. Whether you want to know more about how the latest shooter looks on your hardware or when you can expect the next MMO to launch, Tom's Hardware has your gaming needs covered.


The Shield Tablet advances both mobile media consumption and gaming by combining the best features of the Tegra Note 7 and Shield handheld gaming device into a compelling mini tablet and wireless controller.


AMD's Mantle is available to users of certain Radeon cards, as are the first few titles with corresponding API support. We gathered up a number of CPUs and graphics boards, fired up Battlefield 4 and Thief, and...

Gaming on the Community

Gaming experts answer your questions

news - JULY 28 1

This new client has Twitch support and a DVR.

Tutorial - JULY 14

With the hundreds of options when looking for a gaming laptop, it's hard to find the one that fully suites your needs. I hope this guide will...

news - JULY 28 1

Crytek finally talks about its financial troubles.

news - JULY 28 1

The PC is backwards-compatible.

news - JULY 25 0

Asus has added a number of new products to its Strix series of peripherals.

news - JULY 25 1

It's an early look at Unreal Tournament 2014.

news - JULY 25 0

Sources claim Google is offering $1 billion in cold hard cash. Ka-ching!

news - JULY 24 0

The company reveals why it's so fascinated with Android.

news - JULY 24 0

The Steam controller now has an analog thumbstick.

news - JULY 23 2

Two upcoming games from Electronic Arts are delayed.

news - JULY 23 1

Are you ready for the next generation of Shield?

news - JULY 18 0

Cooler Master updates its Devastator and QuickFire Rapid-i products.

news - JULY 18 0

We love the smell of a deal in the morning, don't you?

news - JULY 17 0

This miniPC should be great for PC gaming.

news - JULY 16 0

SteelSeries has given its Rival mouse a Dota 2 theme.

news - JULY 15 0

Something is in the works, and Nvidia refuses to spill the beans...for now.

news - JULY 15 0

MSI's second-ever gaming mouse has arrived.

news - JULY 14 0

Blizzard explains the banhammer.

news - JULY 10 0

Roccat's Kone XTD Optical gaming mouse is coming to shelves soon.

news - JULY 10 0

A list published by lists GTA V with unconfirmed AMD Mantle support.