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From consoles to computers and smartphones, games are more accessible and diverse than ever before. Whether you want to know more about how the latest shooter looks on your hardware or when you can expect the next MMO to launch, Tom's Hardware has your gaming needs covered.


We talk about the new GeForce GTX 970 and 980 in this months update, and see how these disruptive products have changed the price landscape. We also talkn about the GeForce GTX 970M, 980M, and discuss rumors of...


Our Tom's Hardware Italy team recently had the chance to interview representatives from Pandora Machine, an Italian Steam Machine builder that plans to introduce its own take on Valve's platform concept, but...

Gaming on the Community

Gaming experts answer your questions

news - NOVEMBER 25 0

These consoles will be on sale one day only.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 26

The Game Center is Apple's social gaming community, which allows you to play with other players all over the world. If you have a Game Center...

news - NOVEMBER 21 2

Ubisoft, Ubisoft, does whatever Ubisoft does.

news - NOVEMBER 21 0

Dell's Alienware Alpha can now be purchased at select Walmart and Fry's stores, as well as online.

news - NOVEMBER 20 2

Logitech's product naming has left us wondering whether it's all marketing and no make, but after asking about the Romer-G switches at the company's testing facility, we're more convinced that these are the...

news - NOVEMBER 20 1

We take a look at the larger C.T.R.L.i controller.

news - NOVEMBER 20 1

Is gaming ready for virtual reality?

news - NOVEMBER 19 0

Two MMORPGs in a row. Is it just a coincidence?

news - NOVEMBER 18 0

We get our hands dirty with the Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i controller for iOS.

news - NOVEMBER 17 0

AMD corrects a comment made by its Chief Gaming Scientist.

news - NOVEMBER 17 0

When game houses forbid game reviewers from publishing anything until after a title has gone on sale, it prevents users from having the benefit of any objective evaluation of the games until after they've...

news - NOVEMBER 12 0

Tom's Hardware sat down with Dimension Technologies' Tom Curtin to talk about AR/VR and DTI's autostereoscopic glasses-free 3D technology.

news - NOVEMBER 11 0

Game Director Jeff Kaplan talks about Overwatch.

news - NOVEMBER 11 0

Asus' new gaming mouse comes with a heap of extra accessories for customization.

news - NOVEMBER 11 0

Nvidia and AMD have released drivers for the new installment of Assassin's Creed.

news - NOVEMBER 7 0

The new expansion is called Legacy of the Void.

news - NOVEMBER 7 0

It's the studio's first new franchise in 17 years.

news - NOVEMBER 6 0

The new bundle is part of AMD's Never Settle promotion.

news - NOVEMBER 6 0

Here's a list of minimum and optimal requirements for the upcoming shooter.

news - NOVEMBER 5 0

Tesoro also makes an RGB keyboard, and while it's not as elaborate as competing options, it's also cheaper.

news - NOVEMBER 4 0

The new consoles and Windows PC will get a first-person mode.

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