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Desktop systems today run the gamut from economic all-in-ones to high-performance gaming rigs. Whether you're looking to buy a pre-built desktop or assemble your own, we have the reviews and benchmarks to make sure you get a balanced system that meets all your needs and budget.

news - APRIL 22 0

Maingear has seven new DIY cases to choose from.

news - APRIL 22 0

The Ubuntu version won't be available until June.

Desktops on the Community

Desktops experts answer your questions

news - APRIL 22 0

Meet the AVA Sixense VR Series of gaming PCs.

Tutorial - MARCH 12

The Snap Assist feature in Windows 10 allows you to easily align the interfaces of open applications or files. When you try to move an opened...

news - APRIL 21 0

CyberpowerPC has a new PC gaming line called Trinity.

news - APRIL 10 0

The Potenza, the Drift and the Torq small form factor gaming PCs support Intel's X99 chipset.

news - APRIL 8 0

Zotac released four M-Series nano desktops with Intel (Broadwell) chips.

news - APRIL 3 0

After a hard look at the ASRock M8 barebones system back in October of 2013, we examined the 2015 version of the M8.

news - APRIL 2 1

Velocity Micro introduced a new chassis for its Vector Z25, Raptor Z40 and ProMagix HD30 desktops.

news - APRIL 1 0

Acer is launching a Chrome OS-based all-in-one PC in 2Q 2015.

news - MARCH 5 1

Zotac is launching a Steam Machine later this year.

news - JANUARY 29 2

Expect additional news during the Game Developers Conference in March.

news - JANUARY 16 0

The company boasts that it will attract different types of customers from those looking for a great media player to gaming enthusiasts.

news - JANUARY 15 0

Here's your chance to be a part of a ZBOX design.

news - JANUARY 6 0

Intel announced the new NUCs, which, unsurprisingly, aren’t drastically different from their predecessors.

news - JANUARY 6 0

Looking for a new desktop with plenty of power but don't want the bulk of a tower? HP has introduced two new small desktops.

news - DECEMBER 11 0

This PC packs a full-size graphics card and a desktop-class Intel processor.

news - NOVEMBER 26 0

The built-in battery will keep the AIO on when the power goes out.

news - NOVEMBER 24 0

Here's a new case from Fractal Design.

news - NOVEMBER 21 0

Dell's Alienware Alpha can now be purchased at select Walmart and Fry's stores, as well as online.

news - NOVEMBER 20 2

Here are some great deals provided by Newegg ahead of Black Friday. Enjoy!

news - OCTOBER 22 0

Xotic PC is partnering with Asus ROG on a limited edition gaming PC called REAPER.

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