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CPUs serve as the heart and soul of your desktop, notebook, and tablet. But with so many devices, power budgets, and performance requirements, it’s not always easy to pick the right hardware. From AMD to Intel and x86 to ARM, Tom’s Hardware has you covered.


Are you buying a new CPU for your gaming PC this holiday season? We discuss recent price moves to ensure that you choose the best complement for your graphics card.


Going more slowly is more efficient. That’s what AMD must have thought when they designed its new FX-8370E processor, thus closing a gap in the company's line-up. We evaluate whether this CPU is really more...

CPUs on the Community

CPUs experts answer your questions

news - NOVEMBER 6 0

Tom's Hardware brings back the second annual Reader's Choice Awards.

Tutorial - DECEMBER 2

fx-6300 @ 3.5Ghz cooler master hyper 212 evo cpu cooler sapphire r9 280 3gb 1tb seagate barracuda 8gb ddr3 ram @ 1600mhz evga 500w 80+ psu ...

news - OCTOBER 17 5

AMD might not be excelling the way Intel did over Q3 2014, but at least the company is surviving.

news - OCTOBER 15 0

Intel's doin' good!

picture story - SEPTEMBER 16 11

We're ready to give away 10 Haswell-E CPUs and as many Intel SSDs. How do you enter to win? Check out these 11 systems put together by some of the top builders, all based the new Core i7 processors, and let us...

news - SEPTEMBER 12 2

Straight from IDF, we're pleased to bring you the first comparison benchmark results from the Broadwell-based Core M-5Y70!

reviews - SEPTEMBER 8 0

We compare three generations of Intel's Xeon E5-2690 processors, plus the flagship Xeon E5-2699 v3 to see how Haswell-EP affects the datacenter.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 1

Intel reveals more technical details about the Core M, and we get our first peek of Broadwell-Y processing and battery performance comparisons.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 0

Is it true that using a Haswell-E CPU in the Asus OC Socket will void its warranty?

news - SEPTEMBER 2 1

AMD Now Offers Eight-Core Processors For 95-Watt Motherboards, providing a low-budget upgrade path to respectable multi-threading performance. In addition, the new FX-8370 processor has arrived, and prices...

reviews - AUGUST 29 7

Were you disappointed by last year's Ivy Bridge-E launch? Core i7-5960X, -5930K, and -5820K promise more excitement, sporting up to eight cores, DDR4 memory, a new X99 chipset, and an LGA 2011-3 interface....

news - AUGUST 29 1

CyberPowerPC can't wait to outfit its custom rigs with CPUs and motherboards sporting new Intel Haswell-E and X99 gear.

news - AUGUST 23 6

The Haswell-E processors have been listed for pre-order on a Dutch webshop.

news - AUGUST 21 0

AMD might be dropping some of its CPU prices in a couple of weeks, which is unarguably a good thing.

news - AUGUST 19 2

Chi-Kui Lam from Hong Kong has set a new overclocking world record.

reviews - AUGUST 19 1

AMD recently introduced another model in its A-series APU family called the A10-7800. While we already know a lot about the Kaveri architecture, this particular chip's power profile makes it more interesting...

news - AUGUST 15 2

Rumor has it that the Haswell-E CPUs will be coming out on August 29.

reviews - AUGUST 11 2

Intel finally provides solid information on Haswell's successor, the next-generation Broadwell core. We also learn some detailed info about the new 14nm processing node, a must-read for CPU enthusiasts who are...

reviews - AUGUST 8 0

By acquiring MIPS Technologies, Imagination hopes to build a strong platform to compete against the incumbent ARM and daunting challenger Intel on a more equal footing. We go through the company's portfolio to...

news - AUGUST 6 0

It's that time again where Intel waves off some old processors.

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