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The Tom’s Hardware team is made up of enthusiasts, so we understand that proper cooling is imperative, regardless of whether you’re running at stock frequencies or overclocked settings. From closed-loop liquid solutions to heat sinks and aftermarket graphics coolers, we know what to look out for.


V3 Components claims it can deliver innovative technologies to rival the performance of liquid cooling. We test these claims on an overclocked Haswell-E.


Today we look at three Narrow ILM CPU coolers for Intel's LGA2011 (v3): Dynatron’s mid-sized R27, Noctua’s NH-UD9X i4 and the ASRock-supplied Dynatron R24.

Cooling on the Community

Cooling experts answer your questions

reviews - JUNE 11 0

Deepcool’s Gamer Storm brings us a dual-120mm liquid cooler with enhanced style and reduced price, but can it still deliver the performance?

Tutorial - APRIL 2

You want at least slightly more positive case pressure so that dust is trapped in the dust filters instead of entering random crevices. The way...

news - JUNE 8 0

Raijintek was established in 2013 and currently is quite active in the cooling solutions and chassis market. During Computex 2015, the company had some new releases, which we had the chance to check out at its...

reviews - JUNE 5 0

Swiftech’s H220-X combines the easy installation of closed loop with the expandability of open-loop, but how does it compete in performance and value?

news - JUNE 4 0

If you want a custom water cooling kit without the hassle of finding different parts, Thermaltake might just have the thing for you.

news - JUNE 3 0

That Noctua is taking its sweet time to develop its products is no surprise, and therefore there are also no huge surprises at its Computex booth. Even so, that didn't stop Austrian cooling manufacturer from...

news - JUNE 2 0

Cryorig announced a new series of "hybrid" all-in-one water coolers, and that it will be making a handful of internet-connected power supplies.

news - JUNE 1 0

Silverstone has a bunch of new products to show at Computex 2015, including four cases, two PSUs and two all-in-one liquid coolers that should fit in smaller form-factor PCs.

news - JUNE 1 0

Corsair introduced a new all-in-one liquid CPU cooler at Computex called the Hydro-Series H110i GTX, along with a couple of new HG10 brackets that help you mount an all-in-one liquid cooler to your GPU.

news - MAY 29 1

EVGA revealed a GTX Titan X Hybrid that comes with a closed-loop liquid cooler and a factory overclock. And it won't cost much more than a standard Titan X.

news - MAY 28 1

Zotac's latest graphics card can be cooled with both air and water, much like cards from one of its competitors.

news - MAY 21 0

EKWB's new water block is built specifically for the X99 socket, and is a little cheaper because of it.

news - MAY 19 0

Arctic revealed some new thermal pads, which may just be some of the best aftermarket thermal pads.

news - MAY 19 2

Cryorig is paying attention to the finer details, bringing you customizable heatsink shrouds and three new options for thermal paste.

news - MAY 18 0

Noctua has shaved a little bit off of two of its coolers and is shipping them with just a single fan. This makes them a little quieter and cheaper.

news - MAY 15 1

EKWB's latest water block, the EK-Annihilator, is built for 1U servers and workstations with multiple CPUs.

news - MAY 12 0

The fan NZXT featured on its Kraken X61 and Kraken X41 coolers is now available as standalone unit.

news - MAY 8 0

EKWB's new liquid cooling kits may not be the cheapest way to liquid cool your CPU, but they are well-picked and one thing that closed-loop kits aren't: the real deal.

news - MAY 7 0

Arctic built two new very affordable CPU coolers for AMD's socket AM1.

news - APRIL 24 1

Galax decided that it's time for some water cooling and has taken its niche HOF design to a liquid platform.

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