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The Tom’s Hardware team is made up of enthusiasts, so we understand that proper cooling is imperative, regardless of whether you’re running at stock frequencies or overclocked settings. From closed-loop liquid solutions to heat sinks and aftermarket graphics coolers, we know what to look out for.

news - JULY 31 0

Cryorig's new H5 CPU cooler will be available soon, and it's priced quite well.

news - JULY 30 0

Cryorig's new H5 CPU cooler will be available soon, and it's priced quite well.

Cooling on the Community

Cooling experts answer your questions

news - JULY 29 1

Swiftech announced a new water pump and reservoir.

Tutorial - JUNE 15

These CPUs put out major heat when clocked and loaded. Here is the list of coolers that can keep it under control. Pretty much these are all HUGE...

news - JULY 28 0

Thermaltake built a 360 mm all-in-one water cooler.

news - JULY 21 0

Swiftech's H220-X has arrived, and it should be safe from patent trolls.

news - JULY 21 0

EKWB built a new water block that's compatible with the R29FA R9 290(X) board design.

news - JULY 17 1

Asus Strix GTX 750 Ti OC turns off its fans when running cool.

news - JULY 16 3

SilentiumPC has built a cheap low-profile CPU cooler.

news - JULY 15 1

Palit has built the world's first passively cooled GTX 750 (Ti). Why has this taken so long?

news - JULY 10 0

NZXT has revealed its Kraken X31 closed loop liquid CPU cooler.

news - JULY 9 0

Thermaltake has announced three new CPU coolers.

news - JULY 8 0

Lepa has built its first CPU cooler.

news - JULY 7 0

Scythe's new Mugen MAX CPU cooler has a decent price tag.

news - JULY 7 0

EKWB has listed its water blocks for two of Asus' Matrix graphics cards.

news - JULY 2 0

EKWB's new water cooling kits come with a very thick radiator.

news - JULY 1 3

Asetek has acquired yet another patent that worries us.

news - JUNE 21 0

Zalman's new fan looks like lightning, and might make as much noise as well.

news - JUNE 13 0

Galaxy has joined forces with EKWB to build its first water-cooled graphics card.

news - JUNE 13 0

Noctua showed off its Active Noise Cancellation technology at Computex 2014.

news - JUNE 13 1

Noctua had many new heatsinks on display at Computex 2014.

news - JUNE 12 0

Noctua presented a number of very interesting new fan products at Computex 2014.

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