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Components are the parts that make up your system. Tom’s Hardware reviews and benchmarks processors, graphics cards, storage solutions, and more – so let us help you find the best component to suit your needs and budget.


MicroATX might not seem the obvious platform choice for Intel’s Haswell-E-based processors, but six- and eight-core CPUs are a must-have for some compact system builders. EVGA’s X99 Micro is the first...


This month reveals a wealth of new processors including Intel's eight-core beast, the Core i7-5960X. We also look at other Haswell-E options and consider AMD's new 95 W, eight-core FX processors, the 125 W...

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news - OCTOBER 23 0

Lian-Li's latest Mini-ITX enclosure is like a suit, but for your NAS.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 24

A typical issue that causes major drivers to fail is understanding what and how the drivers work. Language...

news - OCTOBER 22 0

Thermaltake builds five new 80-Plus Gold certified power supplies.

news - OCTOBER 22 0

G.Skill's latest PCI Express-based SSD promises to be very fast.

news - OCTOBER 22 0

Thermaltake's Core V31 chassis has room for lots of hardware and can cool all of that effectively.

news - OCTOBER 22 0

Cooler Master's new 120 mm and 240 mm Nepton series all-in-one liquid CPU coolers may be very quiet if you fine-tune their settings.

news - OCTOBER 21 0

In-Win's new 703 and 707 computer cases offer sleek looks and room for ample hardware.

news - OCTOBER 21 0

Thermalright updates its Macho CPU cooler to the Macho Zero, which ships without a fan.

news - OCTOBER 21 0

Gigabyte is the first company to make a Mini-ITX variant of a GTX 970, and it looks very well made.

news - OCTOBER 20 1

Gigabyte is the first company to make a Mini-ITX variant of a GTX 970, and it looks very well made.

news - OCTOBER 20 0

Cooltek has built yet another case that seems to be styled after something more expensive.

news - OCTOBER 17 0

Lepa's new LPC501 doesn't bring anything new to the table, but it is reasonably priced.

reviews - OCTOBER 17 9

We talk about the new GeForce GTX 970 and 980 in this months update, and see how these disruptive products have changed the price landscape. We also talkn about the GeForce GTX 970M, 980M, and discuss rumors of...

news - OCTOBER 16 1

FSP's latest PSUs are 80-Plus Platinum certified and fully modular.

news - OCTOBER 16 0

Lian-Li's latest test bench looks much nicer than necessary (for a test bench).

news - OCTOBER 15 0

Shuttle's new barebones comes with an H81 Express chipset and an LGA1150 socket for Haswell CPUs.

news - OCTOBER 14 1

DeepCool's new Pangu SW-RD comes with two remotely-controlled color-changing LED strips.

news - OCTOBER 14 1

Silverstone's new fans are affordable and come with PWM support, although you might not like the color scheme all that much.

news - OCTOBER 10 0

Koolance also joins the fray with a GTX 980 water block.

news - OCTOBER 9 0

SilverStone's Fortress FT05 has a rotated motherboard orientation and a simple air cooling arrangement.