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Components are the parts that make up your system. Tom’s Hardware reviews and benchmarks processors, graphics cards, storage solutions, and more – so let us help you find the best component to suit your needs and budget.


In this month's update, we discuss the new A4-4020 and A4-6420K APUs, AMD's low-power, entry-level Socket FS1b-based platform, and how it will stack up against Intel's counterpart, Bay Trail-D. We also report...


This month was a tidal wave of graphics card releases, including Nvidia's GeForce GTX 750 Ti and 750, based on Maxwell. We also look at the new GeForce GTX Titan Black, the brand new Radeon R9 280, and the...

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Components experts answer your questions

news - APRIL 18 0

Scythe has built a new entry-level CPU cooler.

Tutorial - APRIL 10

Hello, I was browsing through the windows system informations (Windows 7) and wash shocked to find that I only have 1.49 GB of ram free despite...

news - APRIL 17 0

Lian-Li's PC-V2130 is what most of us would call... big.

news - APRIL 17 0

Biostar now has three Hi-Fi series motherboards with dual Gigabit Ethernet.

news - APRIL 16 0

MSI has revealed a whole array of new motherboards.

news - APRIL 16 0

Gigabyte has bundled a WindForce cooler with one of its GTX Titan Black graphics cards.

news - APRIL 16 0

If you're having issues with your MSI Radeon R9 290X Lightning, this might be worth a read.

news - APRIL 16 0

There you have it -- tray prices of the Haswell Refresh CPUs from Intel.

news - APRIL 16 0

EKWB's water block for the GTX 780 (Ti) WindForce 3X from Gigabyte has finally arrived.

news - APRIL 15 0

Aerocool's new fans come in a variety of colors.

news - APRIL 15 0

Silverstone's new PSU is fanless, which makes it very likely to also be completely quiet.

news - APRIL 14 0

EKWB has built a new reservoir and water pump combo unit that fits in a single 5.25" bay.

news - APRIL 14 0

HIS' new graphics card will suite a Picasso themed PC quite well.

news - APRIL 11 0

Your wallet (probably) won't be furious at you for buying this memory.

news - APRIL 11 7

Details have been leaked about the upcoming GTX 880 graphics card from Nvidia, though we're not sure how much of it we're supposed to believe.

news - APRIL 11 0

ATP has built some new SSDs, though other than the release date, don't seem to be new at all.

news - APRIL 10 0

Vantec's new portable hard drive enclosure can make a WiFi network.

news - APRIL 10 3

Noctua has introduced the successor to the NH-D14: the NH-D15.

news - APRIL 8 1

You can now liquid cool MSI's R9 290X Lightning with a water block from EKWB.

news - APRIL 7 0

This is Evga's little trick to get an ACX cooler onto your GTX Titan Black.