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Components are the parts that make up your system. Tom’s Hardware reviews and benchmarks processors, graphics cards, storage solutions, and more – so let us help you find the best component to suit your needs and budget.


Only a few weeks remain before Computex 2015 kicks off in Taipei, Taiwan. Is the gaming graphics card market poised to heat up? Based on the past month of silence from both AMD and Nvidia, it'd be fair to bet...


A handful of entry-level Pentium and Core i3 CPUs surfaced last month, and one earns a place on our list of recommendations. We're also adding a new Core i5 and Haswell-based Xeon as options worth...

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news - MAY 18 0

Noctua has shaved a little bit off of two of its coolers and is shipping them with just a single fan. This makes them a little quieter and cheaper.

Tutorial - MAY 20

PC Gaming is growing in popularity, and with the recent advancements in technology, it is becoming more and more useful. PC's offer...

news - MAY 15 0

Gigabyte's new board is rather awesome, but here in the U.S., we won't be able to buy it.

news - MAY 15 0

Now that DDR4 memory has been available, we're finally starting to see various vendors reveal their 128 GB memory kits.

news - MAY 12 0

The fan NZXT featured on its Kraken X61 and Kraken X41 coolers is now available as standalone unit.

news - MAY 12 0

One day the crown is taken by one, and the next it's re-claimed by another: the game of thrones continues.

news - MAY 11 0

Kingston decided it was time to play the game of thrones, taking the crown for the fastest 128 GB DDR4 memory kit.

news - MAY 8 0

EKWB's new liquid cooling kits may not be the cheapest way to liquid cool your CPU, but they are well-picked and one thing that closed-loop kits aren't: the real deal.

news - MAY 7 1

Fractal Design revealed its Define R5 Blackout, and it's already available in the U.S.

news - MAY 7 6

AMD revealed specifications and availability for its OEM line of Radeon 300-Series graphics cards, and they are all rebrands.

news - MAY 6 0

It didn't seem like HBM memory was coming to consumer products anytime soon, but AMD just announced that its 300-series GPUs will pack it!

news - MAY 4 0

At last, DeepCool announced global availability information for its striking Tristellar Mini-ITX case.

news - APRIL 28 0

NZXT may just have a winner on its hands with its new case, the Noctis 450.

news - APRIL 24 1

Galax decided that it's time for some water cooling and has taken its niche HOF design to a liquid platform.

news - APRIL 22 2

Thermaltake now has a white variant of its Core X9 chassis, for when sensibility isn't an option.

news - APRIL 22 0

EKWB's new water block will help you unlock some of the potential of the GTX 980 Kingpin edition from Evga, but not all of its potential.

news - APRIL 20 0

Fractal Design's new Define S is built for water cooling, which required a couple changes to the internal layout.

news - APRIL 13 3

To play vintage video games that are no longer compatible with the latest computers, some gamers build retro gaming PCs. Here's how to determine what you need to build you own.

news - APRIL 9 0

Evga wants you to add some bling to your SLI setup with its Pro-branded SLI bridges.

reviews - APRIL 3 0

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