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Once you know what you want to put inside of your dream PC, you need to pick the right case to hold all of those parts. Noise levels, cooling performance, and expansion are all variables we take into consideration when we review the latest enclosures.


Big changes are afoot at NZXT. The company's new H440 mid-tower chassis doesn’t have any bays for externally-facing 5.25-inch drives. The company assures us that there are plenty of features to take up that...


Fractal Design is extending its popular Arc case family with the Arc Mini R2. It's a mini-tower for microATX motherboards, and it’s supposed to provide the same features as the Arc Midi R2 and the Arc XL....

Cases on the Community

Cases experts answer your questions

news - APRIL 17 0

Lian-Li's PC-V2130 is what most of us would call... big.

Tutorial - MARCH 12

It's very easy when you have only one fan; just plug it in the 3-pin connector of your motherboard. The problem is when you have more than...

news - APRIL 7 1

Antec's GX500 gaming case is now available around the world.

news - MARCH 31 0

Xigmatek has announced yet another enclosure named after a mythical god.

news - MARCH 27 0

Corsair has announced yet another Obsidian enclosure.

news - MARCH 24 0

Inter-Tech's new chassis is all aluminum.

news - MARCH 17 0

This chassis will recharge your Qi-compliant device.

news - MARCH 14 0

Cooler Master has updated its Silencio 652 enclosure by building the Silencio 652S.

news - MARCH 13 0

Thermaltake has built a new enclosure that can hold a lot of hardware, and looks pretty good while doing so.

news - MARCH 13 0

Fractal Design's Node 304 has had a growth spurt, and can now accommodate Micro-ATX motherboards.

news - MARCH 5 0

Sharkoon has built a new case for gamers on a budget.

news - FEBRUARY 28 2

Parvum's S2.0 case is made of acrylic, and comes flat-packed.

news - FEBRUARY 18 0

Lepa's new case is ideal for budget-oriented gaming systems.

news - FEBRUARY 17 0

This case is based on feedback provided by the DIY community.

reviews - FEBRUARY 17 3

The AIO Drone Station is a combination chassis and 120 Hz FHD display, ready to take your choice of ATX motherboard, CPU, graphics cards, storage, and power supply. We'd stop short of calling it portable, but...

news - FEBRUARY 14 0

SilverStone's Raven RVZ01 Mini-ITX enclosure is finally coming to shelves!

news - FEBRUARY 12 2

Lian-Li is looking for your feedback on its PC-B16 and PC-A61 enclosures.

reviews - FEBRUARY 12 0

Cooler Master’s Cosmos gaming cases are well-known for their extravagant carrying handles. The Cosmos SE is the smallest member of this line-up, selling for as low as £140 online. It has room for lots of...

news - FEBRUARY 11 0

Thermaltake has two new cases.

news - FEBRUARY 7 0

XFX has introduced its first PC gaming enclosure.