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Business Computing


Business computing encompasses hardware from servers to business-oriented laptops, and software from cloud-based enterprise solutions to small office suites. Tom's Hardware has the reviews and news to keep your business relevant.


NAS devices sport a large feature set and are suitable for many applications. Strategically deployed, they can be an indispensable partner for your enterprise.

news - MARCH 19 2

Walmart will soon begin taking your used games for credit.

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news - FEBRUARY 5 5

The company is biding its time before taking the first step.

Tutorial - MARCH 25

While working with Windows 8/Windows 8.1, it is likely that you would install several software applications on the computer in order to fulfil your...

news - DECEMBER 10 1

Looks like Dell is trying to free up some cash.

news - NOVEMBER 2 1

This is according to a Washington Post poll.

news - OCTOBER 26 0

Sources say HP is trying to sell its mobile patents, including webOS.

news - OCTOBER 24 1

Nintendo is no longer producing Wii consoles.

news - OCTOBER 23 0

His last day will be in February 2014.

news - OCTOBER 15 0

Apple's got another fashion guru on board and this one is going to lead retail.

news - OCTOBER 7 3

Microsoft's board of directors will likely re-elect Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer next month despite activist investors.

news - OCTOBER 2 0

Three investors want Gates out as chairman of the board, and are making waves.

news - SEPTEMBER 21 1

The two Shihs talk about a possible merger of Asus and Acer.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 0

There's talk that a special Microsoft committee is eying Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally and Computer Sciences Corp CEO Mike Lawrie.

news - SEPTEMBER 13 1

Mark Zuckerberg takes the stage at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference.

news - SEPTEMBER 13 3

Blizzards really needs an in-game store to boost revenue.

news - AUGUST 29 0

Former Android VP Hugo Barra will serve as Vice President of China's Xiaomi Global in October.

news - AUGUST 27 3

Ballmer's retirement is sudden and sooner than originally planned.

news - AUGUST 18 1

In its fiscal quarter ending June 30, Lenovo's biggest money maker was its laptop business.

news - AUGUST 15 0

The North American branches of Buffalo have merged into one large tech-serving animal.

news - AUGUST 5 2

AMD has opened a new design center as part of phase two of its transformation.

news - AUGUST 3 0

Michael Dell, Silver Lake Partners and the Special Committee have reached an agreement.