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The technology you find in cars increasingly seems to come from the PC space. What better way to keep up with the latest in Automotive tech than letting the hardware experts at Tom’s Hardware walk you through features you’ll find on the road today and tomorrow?

news - JANUARY 11 0

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced that it will require all new cars to use Vehicle-to-Vehicle technology to reduce accidents by up to 80 percent.

news - SEPTEMBER 21 0

Intel is giving the automotive security field a kickstart with the formation of a security review board.

Automotive on the Community

Automotive experts answer your questions

news - SEPTEMBER 10 0

The Nissan LEAF 2016 has arrived, sporting a bigger battery and a revamped infotainment system.

reviews - APRIL 22 0

We take the 2015 Lexus NX300h and NX200t for a quick test drive to check out the tech these new vehicles have to offer.

reviews - MARCH 29 3

For our first review of an EV, we spent two weeks with Nissan's 2015 Leaf SL.

news - MARCH 19 0

Right now, you can only get Android Auto if you have Android Lollipop and grab one of three units available from Pioneer.

news - FEBRUARY 12 1

Nvidia saw a strong fiscal 2015 with all of the company's divisions enjoying increases in revenue and profits.

picture story - JANUARY 10 3

The Tom's Hardware team was out in force at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas this year, and we've finally had a chance to regroup and establish our CES 2015 Top Picks.

news - JANUARY 5 0

Right after the company announced the new Tegra X1 mobile SoC at a press conference in Las Vegas, Nvidia's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, went on to announce the company's plans in the automotive space.

news - DECEMBER 31 0

SenseDriver's $99 SenseHUD offers an inexpensive HUD for your car, but the company has much bigger plans in mind.

reviews - NOVEMBER 3 0

Our project car recently received a few more goodies, including a Goshers Blind Spot Monitoring System, LED interior lighting, a ScanGaugeE OBD-II-based reporting device, new wheels and tires and a quick dyno...

reviews - OCTOBER 20 0

We spent a day with Hyundai in Montgomery, Alabama to test out the company's updated 2015 Sonata. Join us as we tour the manufacturing facility and evaluate various trim levels of this mid-sized sedan.

news - OCTOBER 6 0

The Car Connectivity Consortium's MirrorLink standard now has support for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy note Edge.

picture story - SEPTEMBER 21 0

We spent a day in Oregon to drive the 2015 Dodge Challenger family around surface streets, ending up at Portland International Raceway. After auditioning the entire model range, we got a good feel for the...

news - SEPTEMBER 21 0

Tesla Motors is rolling out software version 6.0 for its Model S sedan.

reviews - AUGUST 8 0

By acquiring MIPS Technologies, Imagination hopes to build a strong platform to compete against the incumbent ARM and daunting challenger Intel on a more equal footing. We go through the company's portfolio to...

news - JULY 22 5

Will Tesla's Model S be transporting UK ministers?

reviews - JULY 18 1

We spent a week with Lexus' flagship hybrid executive sedan to judge its infotainment system and amenities. Do the Japanese have what it takes to tackle compelling German competition, or has the company lost...

reviews - JUNE 13 2

We love reviewing the latest and greatest automotive technology. But when the factory toys don't evolve fast enough, we turn to the aftermarket. A new 2014 Mazda5 will serve as our platform for testing...

picture story - APRIL 25 2

You've been seeing Tom's Hardware coverage of automotive technology for a couple of years now. Given our enthusiast-oriented approach, it's no surprise that I now have an exhaustive list of implementations I...

reviews - APRIL 7 0

Hyundai is updating its luxury sedan with a new platform and design for 2015. We flew out to Arizona for a first drive of the 2015 Genesis.

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