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Application Benchmarks – Media Encoding

System Builder Marathon: Price Vs. Perf.

system builder marathon

iTunes likes raw clock speed and doesn’t seem to care about more than two CPU cores, demonstrating nearly identical performance with the dual-core sub-$1,000 machine compared to the quad-core sub-$2,000 machine. It responds very well to overclocking, however.

system builder marathon

Lame shows us exactly the same thing iTunes did. These audio encoding apps really dig the sub-$4,000 system’s high clock speeds.

system builder marathon

Video rendering using DivX and Xvid also appears to be ignorant of more than two CPU cores. The sub-$1,000 PC is showing very strong value because of this.

system builder marathon

CloneDVD is showing us more of the same, clock speed over cores is the order of the day when rendering media with these applications.

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    Solitaire , 9 July 2008 08:49
    Mmm, so everyone who's going to overclock their PC has a gaming-quality 24" LCD? No? So why didn't you focus on 1680*1050 if you're going to even bother including the sub-$1000 system in the comparison? That's the standard resolution of high-end 17" and most mainstream screens under 22" (even some cheap 22" as well)