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Benchmark Results: Compiling, Folding, And Euler

Three Xeon E5 Server Systems From Intel, Tyan, And Supermicro

We've seen a pattern emerge that will continue: the three barebones servers offer very similar performance. Again, this is what we would have expected. The big question is whether one will throttle due to thermals as we stress a pair of 135 W CPUs.

Euler3D has become a fairly popular scientific benchmark for CFD modelling. Each platform again performs very similarly.

Compiling Chrome using Visual Studio shows a similar performance story.

Using Folding@Home, we were able to heat the CPUs at 100% load for hours. These measurements were taken after six hours of running continuously on a single work unit. As we can see, the averages are more or less identical, indicating not throttling during our run.

From a performance perspective, these servers are very much similar, which is what we expected (and indeed wanted) to see given similar CPUs, memory, and core logic. This means that there were no major thermal issues to report.

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    Dr_M0rph3us , 31 May 2012 18:44
    An impressively well-written article, top to bottom, included all the information a barebones server review should have. I'm looking forward for more similar enterprise-oriented articles. Congrats!