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Crucial SK01 External 2.5” Storage Kit

Storage Accessories For Easier HDD Handling

Product Type: External 2.5” Storage Kit with Installation Bay

Cost: ~ $30

Product Information:

Crucial’s SK01 is an affordable external enclosure for 2.5” Serial ATA hard drives, which connects to the host computer via USB 2.0. The product offers more flexibility than average enclosures, though, as it comes with a drive bay that allows insertion of the external drive into an internal 3.5” bay and connects to your host PC via Serial ATA. Obviously, this is considerably faster than the USB 2.0 uplink, which is why Crucial positions the SK01 kit as suitable for solid state drives.

The main purpose of the Crucial SK01 is to capitalize on the key features of flash SSDs: flash-based storage can be extremely quick, which is why the latest devices are usually suitable for use as system drives. Flash SSDs are also very robust, as they don’t utilize moving parts, and some products are lighter than conventional hard drives, making them a great choice for mobile applications (although their capacities don’t come close to those of regular hard drives). Consequently, the storage kit tries to combine the best of both worlds.

 SATA or USB 2.0

The SK01 supports any 2.5” SATA drive, be they flash SSD or conventional drives, either externally using USB 2.0 or through Serial ATA once the drive is inserted into the drive bay. It is possible to use SATA when you’re on the road, but you will have to attach the USB power cable and the SATA data cable. Since this is not very practical, USB 2.0 should be the main interface while you’re traveling. To eject the drive you only have to push the button on the right side of the bay frame. Crucial adds a protective bag for the drive enclosure, but the firm didn’t think of a solution for the USB cable, so you’ll have to come up with something to handle the USB cable separately.

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    Anonymous , 5 August 2009 05:45
    Should have also included Sharkoon Pro Duo
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    bnot , 3 September 2009 02:26
    Interesting reading, but I have to admit I was also very disappointed that not a single model in the Sharkoon QuickPort series was included in the article...
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    Anonymous , 4 December 2009 06:08
    Missed the best solution: A dual 2.5/3.5 esata/usb 2, hot-swapable, raidabe unit, that is one of the simplest sweetest things I have ever bought, and that includes my itsybitys teeny weeny titanium collapsable bluetooth notebook size keyboard. Made by StarTech they have a website by that name. No I am not a shill. I payed online for mine--about 70, and it makes my encrypted life very simple, I have esata from my notebook so I can run two external usb and one esata and another esate throuh the other port if I adapt it. It's fast and easy and what could be better. you just put in any combination of one or two usb or esata 2.5 or 3.5 drives. I don't care as much about a few microseconds if it means giving up the ability to RAID two drives or run a sata drive at in case speed. . . .forget about it, if it can't take two drives of any size be they usb or esata don't buy it. Buy the StarTech ***Entelech Approved***
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    Anonymous , 4 December 2009 08:45
    What's the real difference between usb2 and eSATA.

    It took me 20.5 hours to format/encrypt a 1.5Tb drive with TruCrypt.

    The same job with the very same computer using eSATA takes 7 hours.
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    Anonymous , 4 December 2009 11:19
    Check it out: