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Dell Shipped Server Motherboards With Spyware

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Got a recently replaced Dell server motherboard? Time to run some scans.

Dell is warning its customers that it has shipped server motherboards that are infected with a spybot worm.

Specifically, the motherboards affected are the PowerEdge R310, PowerEdge R410, PowerEdge R510 and PowerEdge T410 – and fortunately, only the ones sent out for replacement, but not the ones fresh from factory systems.

The Register received the following response from Dell:

“Dell is aware of the issue and is contacting affected customers. The issue affects a limited number of replacement motherboards in four servers - PowerEdge R310, PowerEdge R410, PowerEdge R510 and PowerEdge T410 – and only potentially manifests itself when a customer has a specific configuration and is not running current anti-virus software.

This issue does not affect systems as shipped from our factory and is limited to replacement parts only. Dell has removed all impacted motherboards from its service supply chain and new shipping replacement stock does not contain the malware.

Customers can find more information on Dell’s community forum.” – Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager of server platforms at Dell.

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    Anonymous , 23 July 2010 19:31
    Oh right, so its the end-users fault for not having antivirus software or having it configured in a certain way?! How does something like this go undetected during testing? I think Dell have dropped themselves in it big time here! Another reason to not buy dell ...
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    bv90andy , 23 July 2010 20:06
    So the spy-ware was in the board itself? Damn! I had once a Motherboard from asrock with virus on the Driver CD. Although it could have been a false positive.
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    flaminggerbil , 23 July 2010 20:47
    Excuse my ignorance, but how the hell is a virus stored on the motherboard? In the CMOS?!
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    dillyflump , 24 July 2010 00:54
    OMG not more spam from chinese scammers selling cheap fake rubbish. Can't we just have a concensus and unplug china from the internet?, this spam crap and account hijacking nonsense is getting way outta hand now.
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    silver565 , 25 July 2010 17:05
    Oh for christs sake. This spam is getting over the top.

    And they can't even write in english properly!
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    ksampanna , 26 July 2010 03:10
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    Amg , 27 July 2010 13:18
    this is a PC hardware site not a fashon site

    so dell are shipping replment boards (were) with what in affect is a rootkit installed on to it( rootkits can install themselfs on to the CMOS chip or what I belive would be the Cmos)