Sony Unveils Touchscreen 'HDTV' PC Vaio L DVR

With Windows 7 just around the corner, and all the new touch-based technology that the new OS will bring, we should expect to see lots of new touchscreen computers showing up through the rest of the year.

Sony's put its own spin on the touchscreen all-in-one PC with today's announcement of the Vaio L, which the company says is a PC, HDTV, and DVR all in one.

First off, let's look at the PC components: the Vaio L will support up to an Intel Core 2 Quad processor and a dedicated Nvidia GeForce GT 240M for games and movies. It's also pack a built-in wireless 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi card. To make it more than just a touchpanel, the Vaio L also comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse. It'll ship with Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional 64-bit.

For the HDTV part of it, the screen is a 24-inch (diagonal) WUXGA (1920x1080) widescreen panel that can be equipped with an optional HDMI input is available. This means that users can hook up a compatible HD cable box, satellite receiver or PlayStation 3 and use the display without powering on the PC.

Select models feature also pack a Blu-ray Disc optical drive, though the operation of it does seem to require using the PC portion. A rewritable BD drive for recording on high-capacity BD media is also available.

Finally, the DVR part comes in with an optional built-in tuner so you can connect to your digital cable TV service and Over-The-Air (ATSC) HD TV signals (antenna required) and watch television on your PC. Built in DVR software means that you can record TV for later viewing.

“The L Series is the ultimate multi-media hub— it’s your PC, HDTV and DVR in one compact, stylish device,” said Mike Abary, senior vice president of the Vaio business group at Sony. “And with cutting-edge features such as multi-touch, it’s ideal for media lovers who appreciate HD performance and cutting-edge technology.”

The VAIO L Touch HD PC/TV will start at about $1,300, but expect a much higher price for a tricked-out version.

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