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Benchmark Results: A/V Encoding

Socket AM3: AMD's Phenom II Gets DDR3

The A/V tests are, in general, a bastion for Intel's Core i7. Starting with Mainconcept, the i7 920 quickly asserts itself as the quickest chip in our lineup. AMD's quad-core processors perform admirably, though. The Phenom II X4 940 finishes the test in 2:15, followed by the X4 810 15 seconds later (and ahead of our simulated 910, in fact). AMD's Phenom X3 720 BE improves on the X3 8750's score by not only turning up the clocks, but also incorporating extra cache.

Intel shines yet again in TMPGEnc. Scaling across AMD's lineup roughly matches the Mainconcept results in the DivX encoding batch. However, Xvid shows the 2.8 GHz Phenom II X3 720 creaming most of the quad-core chips, since it doesn't run across four threads. With Windows' performance monitor running, we noticed that the Xvid task was only really registering about 30% CPU utilization on the X3, though.

Another benchmark more sensitive to clock speed than threading, Lame sees the Phenom II X3 turning in more impressive numbers than most of the quad-core chips from AMD's lineup.

The same situation repeats itself during our iTunes benchmark.

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