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Shuttle announces pico-BTX computer

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Barebone manufacturer Shuttle is first to introduce a small form factor PC based on Intel’s pico-BTX reference model. The sleek XPC SB86i, so far has only published on Taiwanese website of the company (a THG reader pointed us to this The casing integrates a slot for one optical drive as well as space for USB and Firewire connects and an 8-in-1 card reader.

Pico-BTX refers to the smallest reference design of the the three BTX variants. Next to BTX, micro-BTX is a design with a vlume of 12.9 liters, pico-BTX with 6.9 liters.

The most apparent difference between current designs and the BTX layout is the use of two fans inside the casing : One fan on the front is designed to pull cold air inside the chassis which then is circulated throughout the inside. A second fan on the rear pushes hot air outside the chassis.

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