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HDD Shipments to Drop by 35% in Q4 2011

By - Source: Digitimes | B 2 comments

Seagate has just lowered its shipment forecast for Q4 again.

The impact of the flood in Thailand is much more dramatic than previously estimated. Along with a 10 to 18 percent decrease to 41 to 45 million units, according to a report published by Digitimes, it appears that the HDD industry's shipments will decline by more than 35 percent in the current quarter.

According to Digitimes, WD, Seagate, Hitachi and Toshiba will ship only about 103 million units in Q4, down from 162 million in Q3. WD may be hit the hardest, with shipments estimated to be in the 22 to 26 million range, down from 58 million in Q3. Hitachi may drop from 32 million to 20 million and Toshiba from 22 million to 12 million.

According to Seagate, the global demand calls for about 180 million drives in Q4.

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    silver565 , 23 November 2011 06:14
    To be fair... that is a pretty damn good recover considering the amount of flooding/damage
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    silver565 , 23 November 2011 06:14

    God dammit..