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RAID 0, 10, 5 Throughput

Highpoint Takes On Adaptec's SAS Controller

RAID 0 Throughput

RAID 0 performance is almost equal. Adaptec achieves slightly higher performance, but the difference really is too small to make a big deal over.

 RAID 10 Throughput

RAID 10 read performance is much higher on Adaptec’s RAID 5405 card, as it seems to be using all four hard drives for read operations and reaches almost 450 MB/s, while the Highpoint drive is limited to 240 MB/s at low command queue depths. Write performance, however, is similar with both cards.

 RAID 5 Throughput

Adaptec and Highpoint reach the same 350 MB/s read throughput for sequential operation in RAID 5, but Highpoint provides better performance on degraded RAID 5 arrays (where one drive is disabled or being rebuilt) .

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    PT88 , 20 December 2008 05:10

    Get a grip Toms!!!!
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    Anonymous , 23 December 2008 00:15 - funded by USD WTF!!!

    Could you at least try to include GBP pricing? Or is that too much to ask from a site with a registered domain?
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    Anonymous , 23 December 2008 02:56
    Give the dudes some credit, at least they took some time and checked some of this shit out and have some results for us to look at.
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    Fedor , 24 December 2008 13:42
    Let's not forget that the Highpoint offloads the work to the CPU. That's a fairly major difference, you pay for a dedicated Intel processor on the Adaptec!