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AMD/ATI Ships 25 Millionth DirectX 11 GPU

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US | B 8 comments

Leading the way into DirectX 11.

AMD didn't have the best financial news to report, as it went through another third quarter loss, but its graphics division did have some good news. Revealed at the same time as the financials was that AMD has shipped over 25 million DirectX11-capable ATI GPUs since introduction in September 2009.

The added competition from Nvidia may have played a part in ATI's revenue down 11 percent over the previous quarter, but things are still up 33 percent year-over-year.

The ATI division's operating income was $1 million, compared with $33 million in Q2-10 and $2 million in Q3-09.

AMD will hope to increase that number of DirectX 11 Radeon HD GPUs sold, as it will be unveiling new products this week. Stay tuned!

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    blubbey , 17 October 2010 16:06
    Well done AMD!
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    hari_41 , 17 October 2010 18:17
    Great to hear AMD doing this much!!
    So sad that ATI brand is going off..
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    wild9 , 17 October 2010 22:59
    25 million units..surely something to be very proud of, especially considering what AMD is up against (including higher operating overheads).
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    Shuge1 , 17 October 2010 23:02
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    Silmarunya , 17 October 2010 23:34
    One of the rare occasions in recent computing history were high sales are actually due to a great product at a reasonable price and not due to strong arming competitors (Intel anyone) or excellent marketing and brand image (Apple anyone?).

    Let's hope Bulldozer will herald the same renaissance in AMD CPU market. Bobcat sure looks like it's leading the way, but that's not enough. To be honest I'm a bit sceptical about Bulldozer, but I'll be pleasantly surprised if it succeeds. After all, Phenom II is competitive on price/performance but absolutely not in raw performance or performance/watt...
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    proletarian , 18 October 2010 00:14
    phenom wasn't as phenominal as it's name suggested...

    i'll just keep using intel for my chips and amd for my graphics as always.
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    wild9 , 18 October 2010 09:39
    AMD's range of chips (processors) fulfill most if not all of my computing needs when compared to Core2/i3/i5 and in some cases i7. If I find a need for 6 (real) cores then I don't even have to worry about higher TDP ratings, as they're the same as the Quad-core parts.

    Even if I was building new, the i5 (unquestionably a powerful chip even compared to i7 especially if you over-clock), requires a controversial socket technology with limited longevity, as well as newer memory.
    I'd rather save by using AMD, and pump what I save into a SSD unit, or better PSU..or more powerful ATI Stream/nVidia CUDA beast. It also allows me to buy a better monitor so I can see my rubbish spelling more easily. This kind of longevity just does not seem to exist with Intel; I get bored forever changing sockets, and ironing out problems associated with new chipsets especially when Intel-based m/b chipsets struggle to handle HD media and 3D games, etc. I know that when I replace a Sempron with a Quad-Core Phenom II, it will do everything it says on the tin and with minimum downtime.
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    jamie_macdonald , 18 October 2010 20:45
    Good job AMD, i still prefer Nvidia based cards myself but i have a 5870 and its not a bad bit of kit (albeit beaten by the gtx480 (better on power tho)).

    Not sure why you fanbois are so far offtopic though, this is about DX11 graphics cards! the CPU market has caused ATI a loss and also performs far under par to the competition (stop looking through rose tinted glasses) :p 

    Nice to see some competition, and good going ATI/AMD