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Benchmark Results: PCMark And Sandra

AMD's Mobility Radeon HD 6970 In CrossFire On Eurocom's Panther

PCMark puts great emphasis on load times, rewarding the competing X7200 build for its responsive SSD. This is really the only benchmark we expected to show a significant difference, since others measure running performance without consideration for load times.

Sandra’s CPU tests prove the consistent performance from using the same processor in every build.

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    mi1ez , 31 January 2011 15:24
    Impressive AMD results!
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    marney_5 , 15 February 2011 13:19
    Looks awesome!
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    wild9 , 17 February 2011 09:58
    Impressive gaming performance, power draw and price.

    Just goes to show AMD is more than just a big hitter in the CPU ring. Well done.
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    nitro912gr , 11 August 2011 07:35
    So here we go again... using CPU tests for GPU articles...

    You know programs like photoshop, 3dStudio Max etc can really benefit from a good GPU, but definitely not on that tests you are running here.
    At 3d studio final renders are a CPU job and the GPU doesn't get involved in that at all, but if we have a heavy populated scene and we try to move around the camera or an object with openGL/Direct3D preview on all 4 views, THEN a good GPU can make the difference and this is where we can see as well the benefits of pro cards vs the gaming ones.

    So please, use the software and the hardware in a better way so we can get a better picture of the performance, people doesn't just play games, we are interested to see the actual benefits from a GPU while we work as well.