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Overall Performance

Radeon HD 5770, Radeon HD 4890, And GeForce GTX 275 Overclocked

This chart simply combines the results from our various benchmarks into an aggregate score, basically a cumulative frame rate measured in fps. The 3DMark06 score is not included in this result.

In our second chart, we use normalized results for each benchmark, converting the scores into percentages and then calculating the final result. This ensures that individual benchmarks in which a single card may score much higher than the remaining models do not skew the results. Effectively, all benchmarks count the same. Ranking the cards’ performance as percentages allows us to demonstrate the real performance deltas between the individual candidates.

Note: in each of the benchmarks, the slowest card is used as the reference point of 100 percent. Since even the card that appears as the weakest model in our cumulative overview did not place last in every benchmark, it also scores higher than 100 percent.

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    silverblue , 24 November 2009 17:51
    I'm struggling to figure out why people keep using The Last Remnant as a benchmark considering how skewed its results are in favour of nVidia cards. Apart from that, good guide.
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    jennyh , 25 November 2009 05:58
    Nvidia bias as usual from THG.
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    Faustinono , 26 November 2009 15:16
    An HIS 5770 is available in Australia for under $A200, Powercolor even cheaper. Fantastic value, particularly with the scope for overclocking. I'll be in India for the next two months, interesting to check Mumbai prices.
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    damian86 , 1 December 2009 00:11
    Nice guide.I'm happy how you tested it with the tom clancy's games,and fallout 3,but,to make it better Crysis & Crysis warhead should be in the list,those games need a powerfull engine:) Nice anyway.
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    Anonymous , 14 January 2010 05:38
    im also suprised the only 5000 series here is the 5770. ODD isnt it
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    Anonymous , 14 January 2010 05:44
    The 5870 and 5970 came out on the open market like what 3 months ago. It is odd that these guys cant acknowledge there EXISTENCE. I do believe they are biased in there benchmarks. I mean if u can show Nvideas 2gig card why on earth wouldnt u show ATI`s 2gig card. Or even the 1gig. Not very honest on there part i am ashamed to say.
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    Anonymous , 4 February 2010 23:41
    i am waiting to take order of one of these cards cant wait.....had to upgrade the psu to a 700w(mainly becaue it was cheeper then a 500w) going to put it all in 2morro night will let you know how it handles

    p.s good review