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Synthetics, Continued

Quad SLI Vs. 3-Way SLI
By , Shelton Romhanyi

quad sli falcon

Both systems produce excellent results, but Puget’s Deluge L3 gets the higher score over the Falcon Northwest Mach V.

quad sli falcon

The Mach V shines in the video test for SYSmark 2007, easily surpassing the Deluge L3’s score.

quad sli falcon

SYSMark again favors the Mach V in the Productivity test, though this time the Deluge L3’s score is somewhat closer, thanks to the system’s impressive hardware.

quad sli falcon

Oddly, the Deluge L3 beats out the Mach V in the 3D test. But given the results of the previous two tests, we expected the Mach V to continue the trend of scoring higher.

quad sli falcon As expected, the Mach V posts a small margin of victory in the final SYSMark 07 test.

quad sli falcon

With its overclocked processor, the Deluge L3 sweeps the Sandra CPU benchmark tests, though the Mach V isn’t very far away.

quad sli falcon For the memory bandwith test, Sandra clearly favors the Mach V and its slightly higher FSB speed over the Deluge L3.

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  • 0 Hide
    jonisginger , 13 June 2008 04:57
    Why not a test a game that isn't limited by Cryshit
  • 0 Hide
    paradigital , 13 June 2008 16:06
    Care to actually explain why the FNW system got such low CPU utilisation on HD playback?
  • 0 Hide
    david__t , 13 June 2008 20:08
    It would be nice to see the HD resolutions listed regularly (1920 x 1080) as people with this much grunt are undoubtedly using their PCs on HD TVs @ 1080p. I mean who on earth plays at resolutions over 2000 pixels wide?
  • 0 Hide
    operation_turkey , 14 June 2008 00:45
    I'm amazed at the poor selction of games that they have chosen to benchmark on. I mean 3 old games and 2 very CPU bound games. I seriously have no idea what they where thinking. Nobody is every going to get a quad/tri SLI setup and then go and play serious sam 2. I really hope they redo this with some good benchmarks: 3DMark Vantage, Crysis, Company of Heroes: OF and maybe Oblivion and UT3.
  • 0 Hide
    rhaz , 16 June 2008 01:13
    omg...where's crysis, where's ut3...hell where is oblivion?! :o  I thought this was supposed to be a thorough test, not just a means to show that quad-SLI performs less than 3-way SLI in SOME game titles...
  • 0 Hide
    Flakes , 19 June 2008 16:40
    i would like to comment, but i would just repeat whats already been said, this review gets two thumbs down.
  • 0 Hide
    WiredEvolution , 16 July 2008 21:26
    Worst review ever.
  • 0 Hide
    Anonymous , 20 September 2008 01:06
    Why did they test 3 ultra's against essentialy 4 8800GTS 512's. Also its not an equal test because the two system are different, they should have used the same mobo, processor, ram and hdd etc