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DDR3-2133 Memory Performance

Four High-End Quad-Channel DDR3 Memory Kits For X79, Reviewed

By now, most readers have noticed that the performance of DDR3-1600 reference memory doesn’t change. That’s because it’s always at DDR3-1600 CAS 9, regardless of the data rate its on-paper competition is running. In this case, everything but the reference memory is operating at DDR3-2133, which should kick performance up a couple notches.

The slowest memory in Sandra actually leads our gaming performance charts, while DDR3-1600 falls noticeably behind only in WinRAR.

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    13thmonkey , 27 December 2011 16:16
    what happens if you mix sets? do they run at the lowest speed of any of the installed sticks? Hearing a lot of opinion that they 'won't work' and would like a proper objective answer to help people out there with.
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    13thmonkey , 27 December 2011 16:27
    and is it ok to use 1.65 V memory on a 1.5V memory controller, or am I not up to speed enough on SB-E?
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    HEXiT , 27 December 2011 22:50
    yes. you use the qpi volts to ballance out the extra memory volts as you would on the old x58 i7's i guess you will have to stay withing the same limit of .5v of the cpu volts... but thats a guess.