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QOTD: Have You Replaced Windows with Linux?

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Like many here that read Tom's Hardware, we've all been using Windows for a long, long time. Myself, I have been using Windows since version 2.

Windows has gone through incredible changes since the early days. It's now capable of so much more than it could have done a decade ago. Remember Windows 95? That was one of the biggest operating system launches in history. I remember flying into Toronto and seeing a huge, long banner draped from the top of the CN Tower down to the street advertising Windows 95. Those were the days.

Times changes a lot of things, and it definitely changes the computing landscape. These days, there are so many good choices to use--particularly in the Linux space. One of the most popular distros is Ubuntu, and many are using that in a dual boot configuration accompanied by a Windows side-install. Despite some of its shortcomings, Windows has a nearly untouchable advantage with its hardware and application support--yes, this includes games.

There are many users out there however, who feel that they belong on a Linux installation. Whether it's for the sheer aspect of "power-using" a PC with a Linux-OS' comparability or just to try something new, Linux operating systems are definitely gaining ground. Many MIDs and netbooks are shipping with Linux operating systems.

The question of the day is: Have you replaced Windows with a Linux distro?

I mean, completely. Are you one of those who are running on pure Linux? Do you miss your Windows days? What made you switch?

With Windows 7 on the horizon, would you consider switching back?

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    Micropat , 1 May 2009 02:11
    I dual boot Ubuntu with Vista. I love the way Ubuntu feels faster, even straight after booting up. I really like the multiple desktops and tabbed folder browsing. I find these features really help me productivity wise. I use vista a bit more mainly because MS office has some functionality that seems to be lacking in openoffice.
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    hbr , 1 May 2009 03:18
    I made the move to Linux ten years ago. RedHat 6.0. Now running Debian Lenny.
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    LePhuronn , 1 May 2009 03:25
    I'll jump to Linux when Adobe port their software.
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    Devastator_uk , 1 May 2009 03:39
    I move to Linux about 3 years ago, only use Windows for gaming now.
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    strangestranger , 1 May 2009 04:06
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    Anonymous , 1 May 2009 04:27
    I've gone fedora for my primary workstation for 3 months now and recently made my fileserver openfiler. I use Wine for only uTorrent. I do keep a Windows XP box for running games but that's it.
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    Anonymous , 1 May 2009 07:19
    Like "hbr", I moved to Linux about ten years ago, and also started with Red Hat. Now running Debian, testing/unstable/experimental-combo. I have not used Windows for years. I do not consider a switchback at all. I do not care if Win7 is any good or not. GNU/Linux is good, and belongs to the people.

    Workers. Happy first of May.
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    Anonymous , 1 May 2009 10:57
    Moved two years ago. I switch between a few different distros, but mostly Ubuntu or Debian (with KDE).

    I only use Windows for gaming. Unless I'm playing a game online, I do not allow internet connections. I'm paranoid.
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    mi1ez , 1 May 2009 16:08
    I triple boot Vista, Ubuntu, and W7. I mainly use Linux for my live music sets (mainly glitch and circuit bending. More of a show than actual music) as there are lot more free tools to play with.
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    Anonymous , 1 May 2009 19:48
    I've been with Microsoft systems since their first DOS days. I've been using computers full-time since buying my first SHARP EL-800 filament lamp calculator back in 1970. Over the years Linux has always interested me but early attempts at installing the 50+ floppy disks of a Red-Hat distribution put me off Linux for a long time. In 2002 I built a new PC specifically designed to be compatible with Mandrake 9.0 but the installation of that system was never achieved and after weeks of trying I gave up on Linux and went back to Windows. Last year I was attracted to and bought an EeePC from Asus. This came with Linux but I fully intended to change this back to Windows which, the press assured me was perfectly feasable. However, on playing with this notebook I realised that the original OS was actually very good and worth keeping. Indeed the success of this PC and its OS were widely reported in the press as was the Ubuntu Linux system. Interested as always, I decided to try installing Ubuntu next to XP on my main computer. That installation worked amazingly well and was all over in less than an hour. Even more amazingly, it imported all my files from XP didn't even require all my hardware driver CDs! When something works well it just feels right and after a couple of weeks getting used to not updating all my anti-virus software, I finally removed all traces of Windows. Yes!, I do have a few minor regrets but these are completely smothered by the considerable advantages of Ubuntu.
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    Anonymous , 1 May 2009 20:43
    Dipped my toes in the water with RedHat 4. Moved to SuSE when RedHat stopped doing general releases at RedHat 9. Primary O/S at home now is SuSE 11.0 running VMWare server 2 with various versions of Linux running under VMWare. Only run up my Windows VM when I have to access sites that require the use of IE. Linux all the way and lovin' it!
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    Anonymous , 4 May 2009 05:51
    i started with DoS then Win 3 - 3.1 then 95 and from 95 upgarded to 98 (worst thing to do as it was just a $hity upgrade) i latter got win 98 se witch was far better. then a long time on xp. i have used vista but i never lowered myself to install it (would ratther Dos). anyway i installed Ubuntu jsut befor vista was releast and it is as good as xp if not slighty lighter on its feet. i also latter on managed to mess up my file brouser by deleating it (opps im a fool) but a quick upgrade to the latest verson and all was sweet.
    so windows vs linux? windows is posabley better for the genril public and Ubuntu can almost match that (ease of use(no need to setup cofig files)) but ubuntus autocofig works a treat.
    i have heard alot and i do mean alot about W7 so i would be temped but only when i get my next pc (a brut of a pc to be fair) but i think ill keep my laptop running Linux.
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    Anonymous , 4 May 2009 15:43
    I've been using Microsoft OS' since DOS 3 and currently have Vista installed on my desktop, but it's only for gaming.

    I first dabbled in Linux when I got Red Hat 5 free on the front of a magazine. Currently my server runs a headless Gentoo installation and my laptop is purely Gentoo. Both have been on a good few years and have never had to be re-installed, despite major changes on my Laptop; changed the file-system to Reiser4, numerous Kernel upgrades, Xorg upgrades, KDE3, KDE4 & Gnome have all come and gone (Xfce always stays).

    I run Office 2007 under Wine. Other 'can't do without' Windows apps include Memory-Map and one or two others but they also run happily under Wine.

    Despite status-quo on any Windows install (be it Vista or when XP on my laptop) there have always been huge slowdowns (especially on boot) and numerous other problems that have never existed under Linux, which boots quicker and when I get the desktop up it's a usable desktop (unlike Windows).

    Linux is like a breath of fresh air.