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QOTD: How Often Do You Backup Your Data?

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In this case, being backed up is a good thing.

Backing up your data is supremely important. Anyone who has had his or her laptop stolen or has been victim of a hard drive crash know how terrible the experience is of trying to recover everything that you've lost.

Having regular backups protects you from those sorts of things, including times of embarrassing user errors. Sometimes even installing the wrong thing can result in a freak accident that could take down your entire system.

Earlier today we discussed Microsoft's decision not to include the backup and restore feature into Windows 7 Home Premium and how that could be a disservice to general computer users. Those who opt for the Professional or Ultimate versions will be able to utilize the built-in software, however.

Mac users have one of the best backup options with Time Machine, which automates the entire backup process and makes restoring old files and configurations simple.

Regardless of backup solutions, the process of protecting one's data is up to the user.

So, our QOTD is: how often do you backup your data?

Also share with us which piece of software and method you use to backup your data. And if you don't backup your data, please tell us why not!

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    Micropat , 16 July 2009 07:30
    I usually back up my work files every week - more often if I'm putting a lot of important stuff on my computer.
    I don't back up the rest of my files (video music pics) unless I've made a large addition.
    I rarely use complete system backups - only if I want to install a new hard drive on my laptop an not have to reinstall everything.
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    ukgooey , 16 July 2009 07:45
    I back up media from my main machine to my Media Center machine when I feel there is too much to lose that isn't backed up. I use Time Machine on my Hackbook when it gives me a nudge that I haven't backed up for a while though as has been suggested anything important is stored on my main machine(s) anyway. I never make complete system backups.
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    LePhuronn , 16 July 2009 07:49
    I don't think I actually do backups.

    The main machine's running RAID 0+1 and I dump completed projects over to my web/dev/media/file server when they're done and I have active projects on my iPod when I move around. I do burn some dual-layer DVDs if I have enough to fill them as the server's yet to get full.

    Although this revelation does inspire me to start getting some stuff onto optical media just in case...
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    Anonymous , 16 July 2009 10:22
    My home computer backup, I back up my documents folder twice a week using Karen's Replicator to a external hard drive. It is a great backup tool.
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    Anonymous , 16 July 2009 17:44
    I synchronize data at least 2 times a day on 3 PCs, copy of Outlook data is also on my mobile courtesy of Exchange. All PCs have identical data directory structure, software called SyncBack syncs critical data folders on home and work PCs twice a day, non-critical folders are mainly on the server's 5TB RAID5 and files are copied to the others as and when required via VPN, FTP or external USB drives depending on their size. Latest system drive images are kept on home and work PCs in case of HDD failure. Netbook is synced when on charge or when there's another reason.
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    americanbrian , 16 July 2009 19:16

    Now that they have "upgraded" to the same system as the USA site I can't get the news stories that are hosted elsewhere.

    How to fix please.
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    americanbrian , 17 July 2009 19:56
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    acetone12 , 21 July 2009 18:06
    I have a Netgear 2 disk NAS in RAID 1 (mirror) and I back the NAS to an external hard disk every month (if I can remember!)