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Power Supply Roundup: Part II

Power Supply Roundup: Part II

In the second part of our mainstream power supply test, we compare seven additional units with a maximum power of 700 watts. To enable an easier comparison, the units from the first part have been included in the charts for this piece as well.

The new candidates in the comparison are as follows:

ManufacturerPower Supply Model
EnermaxModu 82+ 525W
Fortron/FSPEverest 80Plus 600
HiperType R MK II 680
PC Power & CoolingSilencer 610W
Silver PowerSP-SS500

And of course, the power supplies already tested in the previous part:

ManufacturerPower supply
Cooler MasterSilent Pro 500 W
Dragon ForceDF-530GT
SilverstoneSST-ST70F Strider
ThermaltakeToughpower QFan 650W

On to the first model, Enermax’s Modu 82+...

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    Anonymous , 16 November 2008 01:10
    I'd love to see some ripple/noise results on these as this is rather important information about a PSU performance
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    Anonymous , 14 April 2009 20:00
    Me too. Whats the point of "the best psu ever" if it makes a lot of noise?