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Power Analysis: The Average User

What Do High-End Graphics Cards Cost In Terms Of Electricity?

Average User Profile: Modesty At the Power Outlet

Here we find the exact opposite of the gamers. We were, once again, surprised, but this time by the high daily usage numbers and relatively high proportion of idle time. Office applications, browser-based games, and older 3D games hardly tax the graphics card at all. You could probably question the meaning of buying a good graphics card in the first place, considering the pure cost and the limited utilization.

There are lots of users buying more powerful products than what they really need. This makes sense to avoid frequent graphics card upgrades. Thanks to the very low power consumption of these graphics cards in idle mode, at least this hardware purchase philosophy is not punished through high electricity costs.

Interim Conclusion

The situation is rather clear: unless you’re a real hardcore enthusiast, the best mid-range graphics cards are still good enough for now, as well as for the near future. Purchasing high-end is wasted on this user profile, but at least the operational costs will stay modest in any case.

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