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Computex 2010: Day 1, Booth Babes

Computex 2010: Day 1, Booth Babes
Three Key Themes

The promotional model has been an expo fixture for as long as we can remember, especially for tech and gaming events. And thanks to Computex 2010's focus on consumer electronics and IT products—two male-dominated industries—scantily-clad women were in abundance.

In fact, three themes dominated the appearance of booth babes at COMPUTEX 2010: clothes designed to show off skin, faux tattoos in the right places to promote brand recall, and dance moves. On top of that, some booth babes actually went beyond looking good. Some ran contests as hosts, while others hosted mini-events. Many even eagerly answered questions about the products they were spinning, while luring in men with an accommodating personality.

We know you'd rather see pictures of these women rather than read about them. So without further ado, here they are.

"Here's the bag I'll give you after you take this picture..."

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