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Dell Shows Off Its Entire Windows 8-Based Fall Line-Up

Dell Shows Off Its Entire Windows 8-Based Fall Line-Up
Dell's Windows 8-Based Fall Refresh For 2012

Tom's Hardware was recently invited to a press event in New York to preview Dell's line-up of Windows 8-oriented Inspiron and XPS families of notebooks, tablets, and accessories. Without question, the company is all-in across its portfolio. We had a few minutes to check out each piece of hardware on display (there were quite a few), so we wanted to pass on our initial impressions and commentary.

Ten-point capacitive touch is becoming a standard option on many of Dell's models at a $100-$200 premium. Some other surprises included a fantastic multi-jointed articulating monitor, a new touchpad, and a reboot of the Duo 12. 

We did notice the company from Round Rock, TX continuing to tweak and apply its round-rectangle design language across its consumer-oriented products, which we liked. It's good to have a recognizable aesthetic that invokes a strong classic look.

None of the company's 2012 models have user-serviceable batteries, though, in deference to a desire for more anorexic figures across the board. 

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