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20 Mice That Shock and Awe (But Mostly Awe)

20 Mice That Shock and Awe (But Mostly Awe)
The Insect Amber Computer Mouse

Although pricing varies, this bug-infested Insect Amber Computer Mouse features what the manufacturer calls an "absolutely real-bug, 100% natural." The image should speak for itself. The device is illuminated from within, and could very well make any embedded critter look totally cool. Customers can choose from various mice with bugs inside and color options including crabs, spiders, wasps, and more.

As far as gaming goes, you might be disappointed to find that there don't seem to be any real concessions for performance. Nevertheless, having a scorpion a mere inch or less away from the palm of your hand just seems creepy. For those who just can't stand the thought of a corpse staring back up from the desktop, there's an optional seashell that might help combat your performance anxiety. At the end of the day, your interest in this mouse will likely hinge on your appreciation of insects.

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