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Benchmark Results: Applications

Battle At £105: Can An APU Beat An Intel CPU And Add-In Graphics?

Given single-threaded tests and a very efficient architecture, Intel's Pentium processor beats a stock A8-3870K, despite its frequency deficit.

These programs aren’t heavily threaded and the Pentium manages to beat the stock A8-3870K, although the overclocked AMD APU manages to pull a slight win in both cases. Let’s see what happens in the video encoding arena:

Here’s where AMD’s four execution cores come in handy, and the dual-core Pentium G620 is left far behind. It takes an overclock to 3.6 GHz for AMD's APU to beat Intel's 2.6 GHz entry-level CPU.

3ds Max and Photoshop are both well-threaded, allowing the A8-3870’s four cores to significantly outperform Intel's best effort. Overclocking doesn't help the AMD APU much in Autodesk's application, but it does yield a nice speed-up in our threaded Photoshop filters.

All of these compression utilities perform quite differently. 7-Zip clearly takes good advantage of the APU’s four cores, while WinRAR (which we know to be well-threaded) demonstrates such a huge lead favoring the the Pentium G620 that AMD's overclocked APU still can’t touch it. The WinZip results sit somewhere in between, where the Pentium G620 easily beats the stock AMD processor, but is slightly bested by the overclocked version.

Finally, the ABBYY optical character recognition app is clearly optimized for threading, and the Pentium's dual-core architecture is left behind.

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