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PDA Wrist Watch

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If keeping your contacts on your PDA (or Pocket PC), cell phone, desktop computer, and laptop till leaves you feeling like you're not quite staying connected, maybe you need a different job - or maybe these gadgets will help you stay on top of things. Fossil just told us about the introduction of two devices called the Wrist PDA and Wrist PDA/PC "companion" watches for PALM or PocketPC handhelds. You can beam data from your PDA to the watch via infrared and use the watch's built-in applications and read-only capability to fill up the 190 kB of memory with contacts, appointments, "to do" items and memos. Data access is accomplished via drop-down menus you navigate using a four-direction button on the watch. You can also receive up to twenty business cards beamed from handhelds or other Wrist PDA watches. The Wrist PDA is compatible with Palm OS-based handhelds including the Palm III series, V series, VII series, m100 series, and m500 series as well as Handspring Visor and Edge and Sony Clie PDAs. The Wrist PDA/PC version supports the PocketPC operating system for Compaq iPaq, Cassiopeia, and HP Jornada users. The watches will be available in early 2002 for $145. One question. Why can't you just beam data from your PC directly to the watch and avoid spending $500 on a PDA?

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