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Origin PC Overclocks 6-Core i7-980X to 4.3GHz

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US | B 7 comments

Get your Gulftown hexacore action on with the factory overclocked 4.3GHz Core i7 980X option.

If having the fastest 'stock' desktop processors in the newly released Intel Core i7-980X "Gulftown" isn't good enough for you, then perhaps gaming PC maker Origin PC has the answer for you.

While an additional $895 will buy for your Origin Genesis PC a regular 3.33 GHz Core i7-980X, forking over a full $1,044 will unleash the full beast overclocked to 4.3 GHz. If you've ever wanted to boast that your six-cores runs a gigahertz faster than those "other guys" at stock speeds, this could be what you're looking for.

(Via Engadget.)

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    mi1ez , 17 March 2010 19:51
    Where's the fun in buying it pre-done? apart from the warranty of course...
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    zipzoomflyhigh , 17 March 2010 19:51
    Is that supposed to be impressive?
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    goxon , 17 March 2010 20:04
    for that money i want to play with OC myself
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    Anonymous , 17 March 2010 20:37
    +$50 for the Core i7 930? Was fairly sure it was a same price replacement from Intel?? Seems like these jokers are a bit of a rip-off merchants
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    flaminggerbil , 17 March 2010 20:39
    $149 for an overclock? Wow.
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    ukcal , 17 March 2010 21:51
    6 cores at 4.3Ghz...
    I'm sure at one point, a Pentium III was considered fast and came at a high cost too! :p 
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    ms_briefing_ , 6 June 2010 12:35
    I have this processor in my rig at the moment, very very fast. Boots up to the windows desktop in under 5 seconds. Thats with a 64x corsair ssd. Not to mention what else it does.
    SYS stats
    Core i7-980x processor
    EVGA gtx-295
    Corsair 6g ram (2GHTZ)
    Asus Rampage 2
    Corsair 64x SSD