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AMD Moves Up New CPU, Graphics Chips for 2010

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More AMD goodness headed your way this year.

AMD may be ramping up its production schedule, moving its 2011 chip to 2010 instead. AMD CEO Dirk Meyer said during a recent conference call that the company's Ontario ultra-mobile chips is due to arrive in the fall, "ahead of schedule."

Those looking to AMD for ultraportables may want to wait and see what comes out, as Ontario will be built on a 40nm process, using a dual-core Bobcat architecture. It'll have integrated graphics too, with support for DirectX 11 and a built in memory controller.

If you're looking to AMD just for graphics, you might also have something to look forward from ATI. Meyer said at the conference call, "We will start introducing the second-generation of our DX 11 products before the end of the year."'

ATI's second generation DX 11 products, code named Southern Islands, will be fabricated on the 40nm process as well and be branded as the Radeon HD 6000 series.

(Sources: Electronista, Xbit-labs.)

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    Herr_Koos , 21 July 2010 19:21
    Good news from a competition point of view. Maybe Bulldozer will show up early as well.
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    alders , 21 July 2010 19:30
    woo second generation dx11 cards, lets hope they are just as cool and quiet as previous, but rock out on tessellation
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    L0tus , 21 July 2010 20:09
    Not too sure about the CPUs but the HD 6000s look promising.
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    aje21 , 21 July 2010 20:24
    Why the half-node (40nm) rather than 32nm like Intel?
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    Cannibalsnail , 21 July 2010 20:27
    Bulldozer is the 32nm fabrication and seing as its their flagship it makes no sense to undercut it with other products.
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    Herr_Koos , 21 July 2010 20:29
    aje21Why the half-node (40nm) rather than 32nm like Intel?

    Maybe because their current GPU fab is 40nm. The Bulldozer CPU's will be on a 32nm process.
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    bv90andy , 21 July 2010 22:16
    So the HD 6xxx will have only power improvements? Hmm.
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    Herr_Koos , 21 July 2010 22:35
    bv90andySo the HD 6xxx will have only power improvements? Hmm.

    Says who?
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    silverblue , 22 July 2010 00:05
    Southern Islands is only the first step; Northern Islands will be the next true step up and due sometime next year. I can imagine AMD's next named enthusiast platform will be a Zambezi/6xxx or 7xxx setup.
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    LePhuronn , 22 July 2010 01:25
    Even if the 6000 series is just a refinement to pick up a few problem areas (like tessalation and hi-res AA) this will kick Fermi into the middle of next week.

    What I really want to see though is a massive improvement to Crossfire scaling in the drivers. Blimey with good scaling and improved tesselation mid-range 6000s paired up would leave a GTX480 in the dust!

    Fermi will be a monster when it works, but it's going to be a hard game of catch-up for Nvidia.
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    Vadorsystems , 22 July 2010 08:09
    Mmm new graphics card range, I think the 6000 series will be beating the gtx cards but hey, at least Nvidia has a brief period of being a bit better then ATI
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    rocky41 , 26 July 2010 00:22
    go for it ati...thats why you are ruling everywhere...the previous chipsets were awesome lets hope these will be more effective..