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These Could Be the Boxes for Office 2010

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My, what bold colors you have.

Microsoft Office – the essential suite of productivity software for many businesses and students. While the launch of this a new version of Office doesn’t command nearly the same amount of fanfare as a new Windows, Office 2010 has many people looking forward to its release.

Those curious to see what Office 2010 looks like can check out the public beta available for download. Those curious to what Office 2010 will look like when it hit stores can peep the images below.

Polish site got its hands on what it believes to be the box art for the next version of Office. While these images are not final and might even be fake, CentrumXP did secure the final box art for Windows 7 months before Microsoft made it official.


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    will_chellam , 10 December 2009 01:18
    Nice looks like if you're a student you dont need to use email, even more of an issue with the lack of a client in windows7........
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    ukcal , 10 December 2009 01:53
    I would say a lot of students, myself included, use Live or maybe Gmail etc. for personal use and so don't really NEED Outlook. I also have a college email address, but firewall restrictions prevent it from working with Outlook at home anyway. Instead it can just be accessed in any web browser. Even on a phone, if need be.
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    djcoolmasterx , 10 December 2009 02:32
    will_chellamNice looks like if you're a student you dont need to use email, even more of an issue with the lack of a client in windows7........

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    malphas , 10 December 2009 04:40
    Oh, c'mon now Will. Who on earth even uses an email client in this day and age (besides in enterprise, and even that is going the way of Google Apps now)?

    On a more relevant note, I really do dislike these boxes Microsoft are insisting on using now. Packaging for PC software standardised on using regular Amaray-style cases about a decade ago now, after becaming a joke from the multitude of unnecessarily oversized, non-uniform boxes. I guess even when it comes to packing, Mhtly ricrosoft still have to do things in a proprietary, non-standard and sligubbish manner.
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    Anonymous , 10 December 2009 07:15
    Everybody who uses more than one email address, should use a client, because then you dont have to visit every site separetly.