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Nvidia CEO: Fermi to Hit the ''Full Stride'' in Q2

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Fermi to spread in Spring/Summer 2010.

Nvidia is gearing up to release its DirectX 11 GPU part on the world sometime during the company's present financial quarter, which started on January 31 and April 30, but mass availability of the product won't arrive until sometime in the next quarter.

As quoted by X-bit labs, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said during a recent conference call that the second quarter, spanning the time between May and July.

"Q2 [of FY 2011] is going to be the quarter when Fermi is hitting the full stride. It will not just be one Fermi product, there will be a couple of Fermi products to span many different price ranges, but also the Fermi products will span GeForce, Quadro and Tesla," Huang said. "So, we are going to be ramping now on Fermi architecture products through Q2 and we are building a lot of it."

As for when the transition would fully happy from current-gen parts to the new ones, Huang responded, "All of that just depends on 40 nm supply and we are trying to finesse it the best we possibly can. For the entry-level products, the truth is that the new architectures […] are probably not extremely well appreciated anyhow. […] Our current-generation GPUs are fabulous and all the things that mainstream consumers would use their computer for."

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    metatasian , 20 February 2010 17:57
    Too little too late Nvidia, I have always had your GPU's in my machine, i waited until the end of last year for fermi to upgrade my 8800GTX but now i have a 5870 and i wont be purchasing your (likely to be) overpriced, over engineered, delayed product.
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    TIMELESS52 , 20 February 2010 19:28
    Check this out:
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    metatasian , 20 February 2010 19:38
    timeless52Check this out: [...] unfixable/

    Great read timeless52

    Bye Nvidia...
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    Lewis57 , 20 February 2010 21:59
    As others said, too late. I've been a nVidia fan boy for a while, but I'm now running ATI, and I gotta say, I love them. I'll probably stick with ATI until they make a collosal nVidia blunder.
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    LePhuronn , 21 February 2010 02:25
    timeless52Check this out: [...] unfixable/

    Very interesting read, although apparently that Charlie guy is of dubious credibility, but is usually vindicated.

    So, if what he says is (or near) the case, this is bad news all round - if Nvidia can't get something out that will compete or better the Radeon 5000 cards then there's no incentive for AMD to drop their prices any time soon.

    Don't get me wrong, £330 seems fairly reasonable for the 5870 all things considered, but I was really looking forward to GTX480 coming out and AMD pissing all over Nvidia by dropping the 5870 to under £300 because they can afford it (profit margins on 5850, 5870 and 5970 are rumoured to be quite high).
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    mynameisspoon , 21 February 2010 05:59
    Amazon have got the HD 5870 for £267.45 here. at these prices i think i'll not bother waiting any longer as i'll probably get £100 for my GTX285 on Ebay and 2x HD5870 for £534.90 less the money i get for my GTX sounds like a no brainer.
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    Berzerk100 , 21 February 2010 20:09
    Now what is nVidia going to announce tomorrow?
    According to the most recent nVidia Twitter message, there ought to be an announcement on Fermi tomorrow....
    Part of the ongoing Fermi marketing strategy or actual NEWS?
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    mactronix , 22 February 2010 03:00
    According to most people ATI are just charging a premium because they have the top product and are entitled to.
    My beef is how much more they are charging. I have checked and see no reason why a 5770 should cost twice as much as a 4770. I mean physically to build that is.
    Sure there is the feature set to consider and that's worth a premium but twice as much !! Personally i just cant stomach it.
    So untill there is a Dx11 game thats just got to be played in DX11 they can shove it and in the mean time if Nvidia should happen to make a card thats actually worth the money. (yes i know fat chance) Well if they do then that will be my first Nvidia card.

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    andybird123 , 22 February 2010 16:09
    timeless52Check this out: [...] unfixable/

    so this guy reckons that nvidia will be going down over a few million dollars - when their revenue last year was 3.4 billion

    nvidia CAN do a base respin in time for the mid range cards, they are obviously just trying to cut corners to get the first 2 cards out the door, yes their margins will be squeezed to basically 0, but the high end card is usually about good PR and not profit anyway, they make all their profit on mid range, low end and OEM cards

    personally, I'm waiting to see what figures fermi actually put out and at what price even if only to see the price of the ATI card tumble so I can snap one up
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    andybird123 , 22 February 2010 16:13
    p.s. the 2% yeild comes from before sept 2009, as of 20/01/2010 TSMC have released press statements claiming that they have "fixed" their 40nm process and that their yeilds are now close to those of their 65nm process, so nobody knows what fermi yeilds are now like
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    LePhuronn , 22 February 2010 17:56
    Although I agree wholeheartedly Rab1d I think at this point AMD should stick to what they've proven recently to be good at, and that's compete at the cutting edge on GPUs but scale back their CPUs to be cost-effective mainstream and budget options, or refocus and build CPUs to support their GPU products (take Fusion seriously and go for a unified gaming architecture?)

    For whatever reason, Intel have just pulled away with CPU tech and I don't now see AMD catching up - give it one last hurrah with the cash they're making but if they can't at least close the gap then scale it back a bit.

    The Phenom IIs are great gaming CPUs, and combined with 5000 series Radeons you have some serious gaming power. I personally think this is where AMD's future shines - build the best, unified gaming architecture they can and still undercut Intel doing it.
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    david__t , 22 February 2010 19:07
    Excellent article on Semi Accurate. You would have thought that chip design would be pretty much understood by now - I mean surely they can model these things in CAD and simulate the manufacturing process? Also, what about all the expertise gained by working with Intel / AMD @ TSMC?
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    mactronix , 22 February 2010 21:16
    i couldnt agree more. Im looking at an AMD system in the summer and i dont even see the need for new RAM either. From what benchmarks i have seen it makes squat differance anyway.
    So things just got even cheaper :)