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Energizer XP8000 And XP18000

External Battery Roundup: Stay Away From The Wall Socket

Energizer is a brand we all know. However, these batteries are not actually made by Energizer. The pink bunny company has its own factories that produce standard-cell batteries. These external notebook products actually come from a separate company. Energizer licensed its brand to TennRich, which is headquartered in Taiwan. XPal Power is a California-based subsidiary of TennRich, which actually produces all the Energizer "Energi To Go" power packs.

While the company sells many power-oriented products, there are only two external battery solutions that work with notebooks: the XP8000 and the XP18000. The XP8000 is strictly meant for netbooks. If you have anything beyond a netbook, you'd want to get the XP18000.

The only difference between the two units is the swapped position of the USB and charging port.

Neither battery has a voltage switch. Energizer chose a design that uses sense resistors to correctly output voltage. However, unlike other batteries, there are two power rails. The green cable outputs 9 V-12 V for devices like cellphones, while the blue cable outputs 16 V-20 V, depending on your notebook. Energizer's batteries operate in a live state all of the time. So, to power your notebook, just plug in the tip.

Oddly, the 65 W charger for the XP18000 is smaller than the 60 W charger for the XP8000. The two adapters are sourced from different companies, and this is a difference we expect to see in retail units. As we understand it, the 65 W charger for the XP18000 was separately qualified to meet the higher charging requirements.

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