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Benchmark Results: Notebook Battery Life

External Battery Roundup: Stay Away From The Wall Socket

We added a full-sized notebook test because different batteries are designed with different current loads in mind. Our Vostro 3300 uses 3.34 A, compared to the Mini 10's 1.58 A. As our benchmark shows, when you double the load, you basically halve the battery life.

Our updated benchmark generates an average platform design power of 28.2 W For the Dell Vostro 3300. We used this value to normalize the capacity of all batteries tested.

If you take a look at Electrovaya's PowerPad 130, it only comes in second to the XP18000. If the PowerPad had successfully completely all of its test runs in our netbook test, this what we would have seen.

We did not include Tekkeon's MP3450 and MP3450i in the Vostro 3300 test because both lack the necessary tips. The MiniGorilla and XP8000 have similarly been excluded because both are meant specifically for netbooks.

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