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This is the Microsoft Store Logo

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Microsoft Stores to have this brand.

Apple branding the Apple Stores is easy. After all, the Apple logo is just an apple. While the Microsoft store could carry the old and familiar Microsoft typeface logo, which logo would it bear? Would it be the Windows symbol (which changes slightly with each generation) or would it be Clippy? Turns out it's something new.

IStartedSomething found the new Microsoft Store logo in a trademark filing that would cover "retail store services and online retail services featuring computers, computer hardware, software, computer games, computer peripherals, portable music players and accessories, personal digital assistants, cell phones and accessories, video game consoles and accessories, webcams, books, clothing, back packs, messenger bags, computer bags and novelty items."


There it is. What do you make of it?

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    back_by_demand , 5 August 2009 23:49
    A red, green, blue and yellow square logo.

    Even without MS stamped all over it, it looks like something MS.

    I suppose that means it is doing its job.
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    snoxy , 6 August 2009 00:02
    Why don't they just use the Windows 7 Start button?
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    Anonymous , 6 August 2009 00:25
    It looks seriously dated. Compared to the apple logo it's terrible - It dosn't have immediate, total brand recongnition let alone 'cool'. Rubbish.
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    back_by_demand , 6 August 2009 00:54
    They can't just use the Windows 7 button, because it's not the Windows Store, it's the Microsoft Store.

    Also, the Apple logo isn't original, they stole it from the Beatles and just ponied up a shed load of cash so they could keep it on the provisio that they never entered the music business, which they also did, and ponied up more cash, just like they stole the name iPhone from a patented Cisco product.

    Seeing a pattern here?

    Anyway, nice logo from Apple. Booo to MS, maybe you should have stole a nicer one and given they money to the owner as an out-of-court pay-off like Apple does. Shame on you for being original.
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    malphas , 6 August 2009 02:27
    Grow up, back_by_demand. The Apple Records logo is entirely different from the Apple logo, as anyone that's seen them both would instantly realise. Apple started the whole lower 'i' prefix fad, so the claim they "stole" the iPhone name from Cisco is ridiculous.

    Anyway, this logo is fine guess, but I get the feeling it could be another fiasco like Microsoft's attempt at search, with constant revisions and rebranding, rather than just sticking with something and getting it into consumer consciousness. Microsoft's entire brand image could use an overhaul, which they seem to be tackling lately.
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    LePhuronn , 6 August 2009 03:44
    Microsoft need some proper designers so they can create engaging brands and properly rip off Apple's interfaces.

    That logo is overkill - why the multiple colour shades? That won't work if you make it small. And why square like that? It sums Microsoft up big time - square and small-minded.

    Hell, having each block a single solid colour and rotated 45 degrees would've been much more engaging.
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    jkay69 , 6 August 2009 15:57
    @LePhuronn : Hell, having each block a single solid colour and rotated 45 degrees would've been much more engaging.

    Well then it wouldn't look like a window as that's where it origionally started, your window to your digital world... :-)

    Also in general, Retro seems to be cool these days so maybe it'll work but personally I agree it's a bit dated looking, however I did instantly recognize it as microsoft so they must be doing something right :-)
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    back_by_demand , 6 August 2009 18:33
    Malphas, do you actually have an arguement or do you just like arguing with me? Why don't you man up and do some reading into the cases between Apple Corp and Apple, and read up on the iPhone naming issue.
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    back_by_demand , 6 August 2009 20:23
    Anyway, back to topic instead of just constantly arguing with the same person, over and over again.

    Apart from the word Microsoft, in the custom font, MS logo's for almost all their products have a stylised colour system of Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. In this case I agree with JKAY69, remove the faded colour bit and rotate so it forms a diamond. 4 x "L" shapes or 4 x solid squares, either looks good, but the fading effect does look a bit wishy-washy.
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    malphas , 6 August 2009 23:50
    I know about that legal suit, notice it never had a conclusion and was settled out of court, unlike the Microsoft antitrust suit that came to the conclusion Microsoft was guilty which you dismissed. Funny how you pick and choose when to decide the law has merit and when it's irelavant.
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    back_by_demand , 7 August 2009 00:12
    You mean the same suit that was a shakedown for political contributions, honestly Malphas have you been smoking crack? Why do you hate Microsoft so much, did Bill Gates rape your mother or something?

    And settling out of court means they were innocent? If they settled they can keep using the brand, if a court rules against them they still have to pay and lose the ability to use the brand. From a commercial perspective it is worth ponying up cash. The only reason they settled first time was the agreement to not do the music business, so to break that agreement is perfectly fine as long as they settle out of court again? Forget it, it must be smoking crack that has warped your tiny mind.

    Remind me again, who exactly did Microsoft steal the GUI interface from? Was it Apple? Or did Apple steal it from Xerox? Why aren't you crying the woes of Xerox and how they have been so unfairly treated? You must work for Apple.
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    back_by_demand , 7 August 2009 00:16
    By the way, are you even interested in this story or are you just itching for an arguement with me? You have been following me from story to story picking a fight along the way. What is your opinion on the logo. Do you have an opinion? Does it involve anything to do with Apple or can you come up with a suggestion on how MS can improve it?

    No. Obvious troll.
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    malphas , 7 August 2009 03:01
    I don't hate Microsoft, I made a balanced comment, your posts are incredibly pro-Microsoft for some reason. I get the tomshardware news feed and comment on a variety of articles every day or so, there are two articles where we've both disagreed with each other. That's what's happened in reality, no idea what's goin on inside your head though.

    And, I might add, you were the one who began derailing the comments with unrelated Apple bashing, I merely rebutted some misinformation you posted, then went on with my comment on the article (which wasn't remotely anti-Microsoft). Oh, and then I pointed out the hypocrisy of you denying the merit one legal case when it disfavoured Microsoft, and then ranting about another when it didn't even come to a conclusion when it disfavoured Microsoft. You're the one here with an axe to grind, sonny. You're just making a fool of yourself though.
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    malphas , 7 August 2009 03:05
    "when it didn't even come to a conclusion when it disfavoured Apple" was how that should have read, of course.
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    back_by_demand , 7 August 2009 16:46,news-4396.html

    Count how many people hate Apple, you don't see MS creating customer abuse spyware.
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    back_by_demand , 7 August 2009 19:43

    Linksys got it first, Apple "decided" to use it anyway, borrow from the best, steal from the rest

    Or my personal favourite

    The name iPod was already used for internet phone-booth type devices? You guessed it they stole that too, much easier than coming up with their own name. They stole the music selection interface and paid $100 million to Creative.

    It's not that I am Pro-MS, just that to call MS the big evil when there is another company stealing and patent infringing all the way to the bank is just hypocrisy. You accuse me of it when you are clearly blind to the transgressions of Apple.

    Just so you know i'm not blind to the fact that MS has been accused of transgressions, but the general theme of Microsoft is that they are being punished for being widespread, whilst Apples general theme is just theft, plain and simple.
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    back_by_demand , 10 August 2009 16:49
    Obviously I fell into the trap of dealing with idiots, they drag you to their level and beat you with experience.

    Which explains why I followed with a rather detailed post with links to external sources which, obviously, you didn't read...