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Mac OS X is the Most Dangerous OS

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The security experts at Trend Micro have crowned Apple's Mac OS X as the riskiest operating system to be used based on the long patch cycles. There was a huge 644 MB patch sent out last November, five months after the previous patch. Trend Micro pointed at the sheer size of the update, but noted that " Apple’s penchant for secrecy and longer patch cycles also increased the risk for users."

There was not any more information for the honor, but we would think that Apple may be anyway at greater risk as Mac OS X is capturing greater market share and popularity. Security, and is especially the perception of a secure operating system, may be something that Apple will have to take much more serious in 2011.

Trend Micro also mentioned WordPress as the most dangerous software of 2010, IRC as the most dangerous IP protocol, Google as the most dangerous website due to its gateway role to malware threats, Facebook as the riskiest social network site, PDF as the worst file format, IE as the most dangerous runtime environment, the web browser as the main malware infection channel, and CO.CC as the most dangerous top-level domain.    

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    Vampyrbyte , 4 January 2011 08:58
    I could have told you this. I don't work for an antivirus firm.

    What do these people actually do with their time? Cause this is obvious.

    Oh yeah, they write the virus' too!
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    Silmarunya , 4 January 2011 16:39
    Curious... Who would have thought Mac OS X, Internet Explorer and WordPress would be dangerous? Oh yeah, just about everyone.

    Even more surprising is that web browsers are the primary source of infection. I mean, what hacker could possibly think of using the web to spread malware?

    Captain Obvious saves the day once again.
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    mi1ez , 4 January 2011 21:12
    Can't wait to show my girlfriend yet another case for AV on her mac...
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    braaf , 26 February 2011 07:05
    I'm sorry but what makes the size of an OS X update any indication of how 'dangerous' OS X is?

    This is flame bait if I ever saw it. In 2000, they wrote: Of course there are no viruses for OS X, it's user base is too small and it's too new. Over a decade later there are a ziljion Mac users and still there is no real virus for OS X. Why is OS X dangerous, because people think it's safe? Well, at least for the last decade it has been a lot safer than Windows.

    For example: Who dares to surf the web with windows without extra, 3rd party software against malware and viruses? Only the unexperienced. Of course you will find malware for any OS, but naming OS X dangerous is ridiculous.
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    Anonymous , 31 March 2011 22:28
    I prefer staying beside a felin than throwing myself out of a window.