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Snow Leopard Shipping August 28

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Both and have listed an August 28 launch for Snow Leopard.

Last week rumor had it that the most recent build of OS X 10.6 or Snow Leopard, 10A432, was the Golden Master. In other words, the last stepping stone before the OS hit retail shelves. This led experts to believe that Apple was going to launch Snow Leopard early: Friday, August 28, to be exact.

Originally scheduled to ship in September of this year, Engadget reports that the company's UK website yesterday showed an August 28 shipping date. Shortly after, the same date appeared on the U.S. website.

While some might consider this a confirmation that the company is planning to launch the OS next week, there was a little something else on the Apple website this week. The Snow Leopard version of the Mac Box Set appeared very briefly late Wednesday afternoon with a shipping date of "withing 24 hours." The product was soon pulled but not before someone snagged a screen shot of the Mac Box Set that includes Mac OS X 10.6, iLife '09, and iWork '09.

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    LePhuronn , 22 August 2009 21:59
    Umm Apple's UK site is is a 15-year old illustration agency.
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    tinnerdxp , 24 August 2009 15:14
    LePhuronn - Come on... Toms know what they are doing... they want all of us in jail so they can freely publish "American news about Apple"...
    As for the article - well done apple! - release the unfinished OS - 2 months ahead of schedule, then "advertise" it well before Windows 7... to get a bit of attention now... and then when everyone will forget about it - around October - they will claim - "we were first this year anyway!" - and back to drawing tables, fixing the bugs... Useless...