11-Way P45 Motherboard Shootout

P45TS-R Software And Accessories

The P45TS-R features the same OC Tuner software featured in our P45R2000-WiFi description, and it works just as well, allowing us to make minor changes in voltage and speed without causing a system hang or crash. It also includes McAfee Virus Scan, just like its more elaborate sibling.

Documentation & Software Motherboard Manual
Motherboard Driver DVD
Hardware 2x SATA Data Cable
1x 4-pin to SATA power adapter
1x 80-conductor Ultra ATA cable
1x Floppy Cable
1x I/O Panel Shield

The biggest disappointment about the P45TS-R is its cable kit, since there aren’t enough cables to build a modern system. Yes, the company includes Ultra ATA and floppy cables, but those aren’t modern, and the problem is that the two Serial ATA cables are only enough to connect a hard drive and the eSATA pass-through connector. You’ll need to add another SATA cable yourself if your optical drive is modern, or else leave the eSATA connector disabled.