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Benchmark Results: Media Encoding

Roundup: Six Core 2 Motherboards Under $100

Our audio encoding applications favor the ASRock P45XE, but not by a significant margin.

Amazingly, first and last place motherboards swap positions in our video encoding applications, but again the difference is too small to notice in actual use.

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    Anonymous , 28 December 2008 03:41
    isn't it about time to stop moaning about where the board manufacturers place a floppy connector? - for the most part its got a floppy drive plugged in for 10 mins during an xp install then chucked in a drawer somewhere and the cases 3.5" bay filled with an endlessly more useful card reader....
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    premamotion , 30 July 2010 03:39
    is this motherboard superior to Asus P5B? Thank you so much!!!