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Synthetic Benchmarks

Intel P45: The New Chipset Lacks Progress

For some reason, the P45 seems to do well in 3DMark06.

intel p45 chipset

intel p45 chipset

intel p45 chipset

Although the memory speed remained at DDR2-800 for all platforms except X48, the P45 seems to have some advantages on paper. However, as you could see on the previous pages, the advantage is not there in real life. The same applies to the better memory throughput of X48 with DDR3-1066: it appears to be faster, but with real applications, it is not.

intel p45 chipset

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    beady , 12 July 2008 21:02
    Check out Ramdisk from SuperSpeed yet?

    Solid state HD's are limited to the Sata connection, partitioning your ram to run games on isn't, love to see some benchmarks (not to mention MetaRam)
    We had 32gb MB's ages ago (fatality) just not the DIMMs

    Good to see native 16gb, some nice improvements but nothing ground breaking. Probably saving the best for the next socket in 6+ months.

    Nice review ;) 
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    Anonymous , 28 July 2008 03:03
    According to the MSI's website the P45 Diamond supports DDR3 and not DDR2.