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Intel's 'Larrabee' on Par With GeForce GTX 285

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Traveling to Taiwan for Computex usually yields a lot of components, future launches, and lots of random hardware.

This time however, we waned to find out a little bit more about what Intel had up its sleeve for Larrabee--the company's next generation graphics solution, that's suppose to blow the water out of everything in the market.

According to one close Intel partner that wished not to be named, this isn't the case. We were told that Larrabee is currently only capable of performance levels similar to Nvidia's GeForce GTX 285. While this isn't a bad thing in by any measure, it doesn't quite line up with a lot of the heat that we've been told.

The partner said that with current Larrabee silicon, things may change down the line, but it did not expect Intel's graphics solution to take the high-end of the market. At the time of Larrabee's release, both AMD/ATI and Nvidia will introduce newer and faster versions of its GPUs. Despite this, it's still important to keep in mind that Intel has always been an enabler of technology, pushing other industry leaders to adopt new technology. This was the case with Intel's infamous i740.

Intel told us several weeks ago that Larrabee would be taking the same approach as Intel's SSD drives. Silent. No frills. But market dominating when released.

At this point, we still think it's a bit too early to draw very solid conclusions, but, this is what we were told.

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    smalltime0 , 2 June 2009 21:17
    any idea of cost yet?
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    waxdart , 2 June 2009 21:42
    @smalltime0 - It will cost the same price as a new CPU minus the cost of a GPU. So overall it will be cheaper. :)  . Just hope intel make better drivers than ATI and Nvidia have done in the past.

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    michaelrmgreen , 2 June 2009 22:18
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    technogiant , 3 June 2009 15:19
    That sounds very good to me...the 285 is the fastest single gpu at the moment...not bad for their opening shot. And don't forget that larrabee will be so much more easy to use to accelerate other processes. I'll be upgrading at about that time and will be considering larrabee as a definate option.
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    technogiant , 3 June 2009 19:28
    I've been wondering for a while about larrabee and WARP10 that is coming with Win7...does anyone know/think that WARP10 will run on the multi cores of larrabee instead of the cpu? Wouldn't running DX10 through that software layer on larabee elimniate driver type issues?