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Haswell SKUs Expand to 33 Desktop Versions

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The number of known Haswell processor SKUs just climbed from 14 to 33, courtesy of a spec sheet posted on Arctic's website.

The guys over at EXPreview spotted the compatibility list of the Alpine 7 Pro cooler, which includes 33 socket 1150 CPUs, including:

9 Core i7 models:

Core i7-4770, i7-4770K, i7-4770S, i7-4770T, i7-4765T, i7-4670, i7-4670K, i7-4670S, i7-4670T;

17 i5 models:

Core i5-4330, i5-4330S, i5-4430, i5-4430S, i5-4350P, i5-4450, i5-4450S, i5-4470, i5-4470S, i5-4470T, i5-4475S, i5-4550, i5-4550S, i5-4570, i5-4570K, i5-4570S, i5-4570T;

5 i3 models:

Core i3-4220, i3-4220T, i3-4225, i3-4240, i3-4240T

and 2 Pentium versions:

Pentium G3100, G3120

Including 7 mobile versions of Haswell (Core i7-4930MX, i7-4900MQ, i7-4800MQ, i7-4702HQ, i7-4700HQ, i7-4702MQ and i7-4700MQ), we now know about 40 different Haswell processor SKUs, which are likely to climb past 50 with mobile i3 and i5 variants.

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    bemused_fred , 10 January 2013 23:31
    I see a disappointingly low number of "K"'s there....
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