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Intel Core i9 Gulftown Chip Sold on Ebay, Forum

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Get your Gulftown in the grey market.

The Intel Gulftown chip with its six cores, expected to be called the Core i9, isn't even close to being ready for the market. But somehow engineering samples have been leaking out into the hands of testers. Just last week, we saw benchmarks of an early engineering sample of Gulftown, which impressed with its six cores.

Such engineering samples are sent out from Intel to a very exclusive crowd, all of which are bound by explicit non-disclosure agreements. Break such agreements almost always burns bridges, so you'd think that seeing a Gulftown processor on the public market for sale would be impossible. But shockingly, one such Gulftown engineering sample found its way to Ebay.

A listing on Ebay described the product as a "Intel 6-Core Xeon Westmere Gulftown 2.4GHZ LGA1366 ES Processor" and qualified itself as tested and working sold at a final price of $1,200. The chip was pictured in the listing without any of it identification marks blurred, meaning that Intel will be able to track which one of its chips ended up on Ebay.

The seller of the chip lists the item as being located in Taiwan, which leads us to believe that it could be an engineering sample leaked out from one of Intel's chipset partners – but we'll likely never know for certain.

Gulftown engineering samples in the wild aren't limited to just Taiwan, however, as Nordic Hardware reports that an even faster chip was sold on the OCTeamDenmark forums (Google cache version here) for around $850.

What do you make of this – crazy deal, or just downright crazy?

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    Anonymous , 4 December 2009 11:33
    Articles like this ruin everybody's chances of getting that once in a life time deal. Also they sound like some little girl in a school yard tattling on someone. One chip--big deal. I wish I bought it.
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    blackwidow_rsa , 4 December 2009 14:06
    Yeah I wished you did. Extreme Edition prices for subpar, extremely stressed chips that will probably fail soon.
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    jamac666 , 5 December 2009 02:36
    Damn, Wish I had bought this!
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    buz81 , 5 December 2009 02:50
    I think a little more effort into writing the article would be great. The wording in several sentences makes for a difficult read.
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    Kaiser_25 , 6 December 2009 05:38
    ok back to the news, ya if they find out where the chip was leaked from (they are serialized) there will be big trouble, not to mention this phase in the process could be possibly sold to amd etc. Im amazed it didnt sell for the tens of thousands.
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    p75 , 6 December 2009 06:04
    Well that person has now sold two of them chips. :) 
    See here.
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    Anonymous , 11 December 2009 16:50

    4 Are now available
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    roots , 5 February 2010 05:16
    Would not be suprised if it was a scam!