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iPod Touch Tear Down Shows Space for Camera

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A disassembly of Apple's latest iteration of the iPod touch shows that there's room for a camera in there. Actually scratch that, there isn't just room for a camera, there's a camera shaped hole that wasn't there before.

When Apple last week announced the new iPod touch and iPod nano, I joked that they'd probably put a camera in the iPod touch next year. I'm hoping that isn't the case but you never know, given that they're already taking space for a camera into account when it comes to manufacturing the device.

Check out the images below. The first image is from a tear down done by the folks at iFixit. You'll notice the little gap at the top of the device. The second picture is a leaked image from a few months ago; back when the whole camera thing was all rumors and reports. The gap you're seeing in the image below the tear down is filled with something similar to the camera found in the iPod nano.

Is there anyone considering waiting a year to see if Apple launches an iPod touch with a camera next year? Let us know in the comments below.

The full gallery of tear down images can be found here.

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    ainarssems , 15 September 2009 02:15
    Who is bying that thing anyway, it is basically iPhone without phone and camera. Unless You are not using mobile phone at all why carry two things around, just get iPhone
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    LePhuronn , 15 September 2009 02:51
    ^ apart from the fact that the iPhone is a shit phone and totally overpriced in both handset and contract costs.

    So no, don't just get an iPhone. There is nobody who has cracked the all-in portable device yet, and whoever does will make a lot of money.
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    ainarssems , 15 September 2009 04:26
    So is the iPod Touch(overpriced). I don't have either of them and not intending to get one. My point was why would anyone get iPod Touch and a phone when you can get both in one.
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    horendus , 15 September 2009 12:17
    Iv used many smart phones and none compare to the iPhone S model in terms of software design, functionality and speed.

    People who bad mouth the iphone out dont actually have keen set of credentials to base there judgements on and many call it sh1t because of a mates "here say" whos jugment doesnt could because they are actually to dumb to know how to use the iphone properly.

    Iv met plenty of people like that, they end up going back to there "construction sites" with the Nokie 3315 within a week or so of getting an iPhone.

    iPoid touch is an amazinf media player. I bought and used one for about a year beause of my phone contract was eyt to expire.

    When i finally got my ipone i sold the ipod touch and never looked back.

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    Anonymous , 15 September 2009 15:24
    well put Horendus, I've had various smart phones throught my time in the IT industry and the iPhone can't be beat. It's the best smart phone out there hands down. Too all the haters, get yourself a real iPhone.
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    horendus , 15 September 2009 20:57
    Thanks pete

    Its good to know there are other Tomshardware readers who have the intellect to make a sound judgment on the iphone.

    You really have to wonder why there are so many iPhone haters....

    Oh wait no you dont, its just that all of these people dont actually have any idea when it comes to smartphone software.

    Needless to say its also paired with some excellent hardware!

    Im suprised u managed to read what I posted

    I was in such a anger about the constant un justified iPhone bagging that I didnt even proof read my post and its got some many mistakes in it!


    Please list the reasons why you dont like the iphone software or hardware.

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    tinnerdxp , 16 September 2009 16:32
    I am sorry but I disagree... What Horendus said is most definitely true for him. He actually mentioned that he owned iPod touch for about a year and now he has replaced it with iPhone. No offense but if you got keen on the UI of the touch for a year, and then promptly bought iPhone - what smartphones have you actually tried out? I have used iPhone several times and the only thing I can say is that: the UI seems clear but somehow limited (as always when it comes to Apple products), the battery life is average, the onscreen keyboard is not that great - try typing a text while on a bus for instance... the camera is absolutely horrible - it works only in daylight and the quality is shit anyway. It does involve getting a long contract and pay a premium for having an iPhone, you cannot install useful applications on it due to Apple's policy so you need to jailbreak it if you want to install something YOU may actually want. It did not support VPN, and the list goes on... As an IT person myself, I've tried other phones with greater success - HP Ipaq 614c - runinng Windows CE6.0 - shit as well, Nokia N95 8GB - brilliant phone although not good enough for business use, Blackberry Pearl - fantastic phone but still shit camera and app support is not that great, HTC Magic - Absolutely brilliant and best phone so far for me - the only drawback is slightly underpowered CPU and camera that is not that great. the on-screen keyboard - much better than the iPhone one, camera is still better than the iPhone one, freedom of choice in terms of apps, and very ergonomic and comfortable phone... HTC Hero fixes the "lack of 3.5mm jack" issue and is a really nifty phone... People who say iPhone is "great" usually haven't tried the modern devices so just don't know what's out there... iPhone users got excited about the MMS few months ago... other users experience running SQL server or even SSHing into their phone - and that is legal... The only few good things iPhone has done to the industry - is to raise the standard a bit introduce a nice design and streamline the integration with the web - but even in these areas, companies like Blackberry, Google and Nokia caught up quite well - and to be honest I just don't like the idea of "being told" what can I do with my phone, and what is "illegal". Everything else they have done with it - is rather wrong... Sorry guys - but when you say - I have tried other phones - name them please. Otherwise it's an empty word - just like those in Apple's ads or Steve Jobs'.
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    horendus , 16 September 2009 23:12

    Exellent post

    Just to answer which other smart phones iv used (which id admit isnt as many as i may have led you to beleive, sorry for that)

    Sony Ericson X1 - Piece of garbege
    Nokia N95 - Pretty decent if it had a decent web browser and ur into slide out keyboards

    im yet to see a mobile web browser as good as Saphari for ease of use

    For IT Proff. like im assuming you are I can see why a more "open" device would be prefered

    Personally, as a 23 year old student/IT consultant with enough money to burn on iphone plans and itunes, i find the iPhone, its appstore and mobile itunes to be THE best device iv ever owner period

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    blazer666_uk , 17 September 2009 08:18
    It may be good (iPhone/iTouch) but the company sucks big time and its overpriced and there's proof that Apple are intending to RIP YOU OFF buy not installing a camera but having a slot for it, why would I want to trust a company who have no customer loyalties and just want to milk all u zombies for all the cash you have - What happens when the battery looses it charge? eh?. People still buy this s1ht, the iphone has a CRAP camera, its far to big, it has no memory slots, you cant change the battery (like all other phones) and itunes really really suck. But the people are happy to be conned then so be it, your loss!
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    horendus , 17 September 2009 12:52
    I respect your view blazzer

    I just have a different background and love the iphone and just ow it works. I spend all frggin day at work getting SH1T software working and its nice to have a 100% working smartphone.

    If i wasnt happy with it id have turfed it out long ago. We are just very differnet people with differnet assment critera

    Oh and dont give a hoot about apple as long as the meet my mobile tech needs which they do with flying colours.

    Oh and in Australia iphone is not expensive, u can get it on any network on any plan and MMS has been active since 3.0 came out

    I here USA was completed f#$D over by that greedy AT T + APPLE deal.

    Id feel so jibbed if i was American
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    tinnerdxp , 18 September 2009 16:57
    Horendus - thanks for your reply - I do understand that for some people iPhone is a perfect phone - it's just your first post wasn't clear enough so thanks for clearing this up.