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iMac Survives Fire; Burnt, Melted, Fully Operational

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It's just a little melted, it's still good!

With the ability to destroy everything you own in record time, house fires can be devastating for sure. Though losing your computer is probably the least of your worries if your entire house burns down, there's still a small chance your baby might survive.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog reports that when Swedish resident Anders Norman's whole house was destroyed in a fire, his iMac survived.

In a translated piece from, Norman writes:

"Unfortunately, the whole house and all things in there completely destroyed, so even the iMac. What's funny is that it is still in operation. While damaged from smoke and dust and partially melted, but yet, however in operation.

After I plugged in the burned power cord and wiped off the worst dust from the screen I pressed the melted start button. Imagine my surprise when the startup sound sings from the speakers! The screen turns on and the machine connects to the wireless network.

The mouse works flawlessly and the scroll wheel as well. Firefox starts and I take up the article from the local magazine about the fire ... Fantastic!

On Friday I bought a new iMac at the Apple Store here in Umeå, which I now rejoice."

Check the pictures of his disfigured but very much alive iMac below. More pictures available on

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    core i7 ownage , 17 February 2010 01:27
    And it will work on all other computer. Because they are supposed to be. Any components needs to handle to very hot temperatures.
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    ubertiger , 17 February 2010 01:37
    Expensive clever marketing or legit?
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    mi1ez , 17 February 2010 01:58
    It's hardly been touched!
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    Skid , 17 February 2010 16:12
    Rab1d-BDGRIf we can't purge the with the purifying flames, how do we release the daemons? Holy water? Steak through the CPU?

    Put it in a bag and try and get American airport security to think its a bomb and put 3 bullet holes though it ;) 
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    Skid , 18 February 2010 17:54
    ubertigerExpensive clever marketing or legit?

    I just had a second look at it, I don't think its legit, reason being if it was hot enough to melt the solid plastic keys and warp them that much, then it should of also melted the soft plastic around the keyboard, mouse and power cables, but all 3 cables are completely undamaged just brown.

    The only way I can think off that it survive would be if it wasn't near any direct flames, if it was the heat would of not only melted the cables but also the solder on the electronics. But that doesn't explain why the keyboard is excessively damaged and not anywhere else.
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    cj_online , 22 February 2010 14:16
    Now that's art... they shud market these... with the motto... "iMac with the 'apple' touch"