Fake Hackintosh MacBook Pro Runs Mac OS X Too?

Apple MacBook Pro laptops are expensive. Sure, there is some specialized software and R&D that comes with MacBooks, but in the end we all know that there are far cheaper PC alternatives out there with similar specifications.

Some people, however, may love the look and the feel of a MacBook Pro, be it Mac OS X or just that glowing Apple logo on the back.

Rather than paying a four digit figure for such a machine, there's the alternative of this rather amusing knock off from China (though all MacBooks are made in China too).

This fake MacBook Pro is advertised as a Windows 7 machine, although the photos do suggest otherwise. It's unclear if it actually runs Mac OS X, and there is a Windows key on the keyboard rather than the Apple specific keys.

Inside, the machine is powered by an Intel Atom D510 1.66GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM and a 320GB HDD. On the graphics side, it claims to have Nvidia Ion 2, making it quite an impressive little media machine.

It sells for 3100 yuan (about $466), which is tons cheaper than the thousands for the real thing.

Source: MIC Gadget