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Intel Slips Out New 3.2GHz Core i7-970 Gulftown

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Now you have a new choice for Gulftown.

We can't really imagine the type of PC computing enthusiast who could set aside $900 for a six-core Intel Core i7 Gulftown CPU and not be up to spending $100 more the Extreme Edition. But that's the sort of people who would opt for the Core i7-970, the hexacore 3.2GHz chip now on sale for $899.

The chip appeared on Newegg's listings and is available to ship immediately. Paying the extra $100 gets you only an extra 133MHz, but you also get the game Shattered Horizons for free (until the end of the month).

Then again, you could put that $100 towards a faster GPU, and you'd probably be better off.

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    Silmarunya , 20 July 2010 19:03
    This is what we were waiting for. Only $900? What an absolute bargain. I'll buy 3 in case I break one or two during assembly, they're absurdly cheap anyway...

    If you want bragging rights, get the 980. If you have some common sense, get a Phenom X6. If you're absolutely insane, get the 970.
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    knightofdames , 20 July 2010 19:17
    Now they give games with CPU's!!!! Intel is trying to compete with AMD by giving away an online game!!
    I can buy an AMD 6 core processor and at least 6 original titles in that amount..
    may be I don't need that much power to game.
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    zipzoomflyhigh , 20 July 2010 20:42
    Wow this is BIG news. 133mhz of massive speed bump for $100 more than the already ridiculous price. Wake up Intel, your fanboys are defecting to AMD faster than fly's on dog poop.
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    zipzoomflyhigh , 20 July 2010 20:43
    Yep, you can buy THREE 1090T's for the price of one i7-980X and still have enough left over for lunch for 2.
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    Anonymous , 20 July 2010 23:55
    okay there needs to be some useful info here:

    1) the EXTREME EDITION, is Intel's overclocking enthusiast chip. it's completely UNLOCKED MULTIPLIER means that it can be more flexibly clocked to the maximum. for those that want the simple 6-cpre CPU and have no intention to OC,then they can save $100.

    2) the SHATTERED HORIZONS game, is Futuremark's game, that uses a multi-core engine that SCALES to whatever amount of cores you have. most game engines only use 2-3 cores max. the shattered horizons game engine is scalable to automatically use whatever amount of cores you have. this is why Intel are giving it way free, it's to showcase what can be done when software is optimised for more CPU cores.

    see this screenshot to witness the engine scaling on a 16 physical core machine (real cores not hyperthreading):

    see this page for more info about the game engine:,698996/Why-Shattered-Horizon-is-PC-exclusive-and-more-technical-details/Practice/
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    machvelocy , 22 July 2010 02:24
    wtf? $900?? i could get a 1090t + 5970/480 with that money